Penn State Pulls Out Of the 76 Classic

That’s sort of a embarrassing way to go about it.

File this one under, “who the hell knows why” but in Curley and Co’s excitement of building a vision for the program they have pulled out of maybe the most legit early season tournament they’ve been invited to. Remember the 76 Classic this past year had teams like West Virgina, UCLA, Minnesota, Clemson, Texas A&M, and some team called Butler in it. My gut feeling is that Curley is a little to worried about his vision coming to fruition and ED is slowing the pace just a little bit to build some sort of tension before showing off the mega-super-awesome non conference schedule they have built.

So what does that leave us with? At the basketball banquet this past friday, they all but confirmed that the home opener is going to be against LeHigh, so you can mark that one up as the first game. Outside of that we know of a trip to Virgina Tech, and some team from the gutter of the ACC at home for the Big Ten/Acc Challenge. If you’re into torturing yourself, you can try to figure out how we get to play UNC. That being said, I wouldn’t waste too much energy on those prayers. A Indiana-UNC game has a lot more going for it.

Other than that the OOC is pretty much a crapshoot. There is a game against Ole Miss rumored but at this point, if Penn State is going to back out of a game against BYU and the 76 Classic then nothing is really certain. If you want to believe in something good coming out of this, Pitt and Northern Iowa are looking for games over the same weekend as the Classic. We can file that under, “I wish”

That being said, it isn’t a stretch to assume that ED has gone about filling the void with a game or two or a tournament closer to home. While plenty of people are unhappy about losing the TV exposure, there is something to be said for finding competitive games that you can win, rather than getting on TV just to get your butts handed to you.

Brian Siegrist did have this to say about it on his twitter–

“Ah, the blogosphere. Contrary to recent posts, PSU decision not to play in the 76 Classic had nothing to do with last season’s record…nor was it decided by tournament organizers. PSU elected not to play in Tourney back in December and notified 76 organizers then…just took this long to update their website…taking a lesson from Minnesota which played in last year’s 76 and went 1-3 while playing…four games in six days and crossing 5,000 miles, including going straight from Classic to ACC Challenge at Miami…Lions decided against 3 games in Anaheim, the last Sunday evening, & return for a possible ACC game on Monday or Tuesday in State College”


~ by blj1887 on April 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Penn State Pulls Out Of the 76 Classic”

  1. Penn State’s recent pre-season tournament record is horrible when you think of the Old Spice, Philly Hoop Group and Charleston classics. If they’re going to get their butts whooped, they should at least have it done by some big time RPI top 50 types, instead of the likes of Tulans and Central Florida, otherwise forget about even going.

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