Sitting Down With Tim Curley


Now I wasn’t lucky enough to give Curley a piece of my mind, but the Center Daily Times got to sit down and ask him some of the questions that we’ve all got on our minds. For the most part Timmy said everything that we already knew, just using the same words in a different order. Honestly, its sort of disturbing, I’m all about being patient, and I understand that as a fan things don’t happen over night like we want them to, but it is pretty obvious that things aren’t going swimingly–we shouldn’t pretend that they are.

For your entertainment, I’ve included below the CDT’s questions, Curley’s answers, and my humble translation of my favorite questions. Check it out after the jump.

CDT:What are your goals for the program?

Tim Curley:I think the goals for the program are real simple. One, like any college basketball team, we want to win our conference championship and we want to win the national championship. Realistically, we want to be in the upper echelon of the Big Ten and we want to be in the NCAA tournament every year. Because once you get in the tournament, you never know what’s going to happen, as evidenced by this year. That’s where we ought to be shooting for year-in and year-out

  • Translation: Winning is nice, but I would also settle for not sucking. Maybe if we make the tournament we can randomly win a lot of games and then I won’t have to deal with it. Other than that we’re going to go from 0-60 in some amount of time less than or equal to forever. I hope.

 CDT:You do turn a profit with men’s basketball (about $3.3 million last year), but do you feel like that could be more of a money-maker than it is? If there were more wins, would it lead to more tickets sold?

Tim Curley:Absolutely. We have room to grow revenue-wise in men’s basketball. We do turn a profit now and that’s a positive, but we still have room to grow in that area. Certainly with the economy, the budgetary and financial pressures everybody’s under, that’s an important area for us, and we want to try to make sure we maximize that as best we can.

  • Translation: We spend less money than we take in, I learned once that was good, therefore nothing needs to change. Since we spend money like it grows on trees we need to be careful not to spend a few more dollars on…wait…that isn’t right.anyway….anything related to basketball, we try not to spend moneyon

CDT:You upgraded the basketball offices last year and have made similar upgrades during the last few years. Does DeChellis have all the resources in place that he needs to win?

Tim Curley:We think we have all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Can you have more? Absolutely. Could we use another basketball practice gym and a larger weight room and a couple of those things? Yeah, those are things that we could always improve upon. But we think that what we have right now is comparable to other schools that are in our situation.

  • Translation: Ed has mentioned the broken toilet seat before and we’re working to get a new one at trash-to-treasure. I do recall mentioning money being tight…toilet seats are expensive so he’ll need to wait his turn.

CDT:What are your thoughts on potential expansion of the NCAA tournament to 96 teams? Do you think that’s something that would be good for the game?

Tim Curley:Well, I haven’t seen anything anyone has yet on exactly all the details of what the 96-team format would be. They’ve got a great committee put together to look at this issue. My biggest concern is how much missed class basketball players, both men and women, will have. It’s too early to make any real comment. The fact of the matter is right now, the financial pressures on college athletics are very challenging, and I’m sure that had a great deal of thought going into it. 

  • Translation: It was my idea…and would be a great excuse for 15-16 seasons. If NJIT can make this thing than we might be a 24 seed, not to mention TV makes me money, and I don’t have very much of that at all.

Commence the head banging…


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One Response to “Sitting Down With Tim Curley”

  1. I think Curly’s way too cautious about the economy. Everybody loves a winner and a winning team overcomes any economic obstacles to ticket sales and revenue streams. Just look at last year’s NCAA run by Michigan State. All the pundits agreed about that run ending in Detriot being good for the city and state despite the economic woes.

    The truth is that a winning sports team is an outlet for all those who want to take their minds off of their anixeties about the economy. Personally, the firm I work for is knocking at the threshold of folding, if business doesn’t pick up soon. But you know, I’d still pay the $2.99 live streaming fee, if I knew I was going to get away from it all and watch a winning team.

    I maintain that the men’s basketball program could be huge, if only the administration would do what it takes to make it happen. I’ll tell you what. Ed DeChellis knows next season is doomed unless Andrew Jones and Jeff Brooks improve dramatically (don’t see that happening) or he can bring in a big man to play the post. There are some viable candidates left to recruit. With our desperate situation, If he can’t talk one of them into coming, I think that’s a strike against his return in 2011, and we should look for a coach who can recruit.

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