Ed DeChellis Press Conference

Ed is gonna take some questions today at 4PM. Most people assume it will be about the recent transfer surge and what the program has in mind to take care of what is left in its wake. Chances are Tim Curley will be there writing in his book of good ideas, drawing Unicorns and doing paint-by-numbers. It is a little suprising that they’re having a press conference about all of this since they’ve already had a official release, and that has made some people excited about the prospect of something bigger. It doesn’t seem very likely that anything really exciting is going down though. If Ed was going to leave, he would have mentioned that to Babb and Edwards before they left, assuming his presence was why they were leaving, but it’s a safe bet he is why they transferred. We’ll just have to wait 2 more hours and find out.

—————–Post Conference:

So what did we learn? Really not that much. Penn  State is a big fan of saying the same thing over and over again just in different ways. This meeting wasn’t any different. Ed said that they didn’t play well when it counted (really?) and that the fault begins with him (yep). They’ll be working on making things better in the offseason and have the same goal every year (not to suck as much) to make the NCAA Tournament. So really, it wasn’t anything new. This press conference is the same one they have every year. People are just frustrated so they took notice. The only real piece of news was that Penn State is trying to get an SEC team at the BJC next year. Don’t get your hopes to high though, I don’t think Ed is Gator hunting.

That being said, a little hint at Ed changing a few things would have been nice. I don’t need more of the same, I need something to change because what you’re doing isn’t working.

Bill Edwards has already gotten interest from some schools the picture below came from here.

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5 Responses to “Ed DeChellis Press Conference”

  1. You wrote: “but it’s a safe bet he is why they transferred”.
    What’s your reason for this conclusion? The press release said they wanted to be nearer to home. Is that code for something?
    They obviously came in the first place to play for him.

    • I think they came to play for him under the family principle. It is true he sold it to them. But I don’t think they made this choice a few days after it was said that Ed would be back by mistake. Ed had a winning product when they got here, and it has tanked since then. Plenty of students miss their family, but you don’t see Kevin Newsome transfering from football because he misses his mom.They’re moving on to better their post college chances, Ed wasn’t giving them that chance anymore. It would be one thing if they didn’t play, but these guys were going to be leaders. If Ed was going to leave I feel like they would have stayed to at least see who was coming in next.

  2. I have to disagree with this statement:
    “Ed had a winning product when they got here”

    Especially concerning Babb, who signed on to ED’s record including three last place Big Ten finishes before last year’s NIT run.

    I don’t think Babb is pulling a Jon Crispen who recently admitted his transfer to UCLA was because he wanted to win a championship.

    Edwards departure is less puzzling. He was late arriving and now early leaving. He likely suffered deflated expectations after seeing PSU’s success last year without ever experiencing the prior down years.

    Both players were part of the 3-3 run to end the season and both knew four seniors would return next season. I wonder if some of their dissapointment you blame on the coach should be pointed at those seniors who faltered in leading the team in close contests.

    • I cannot deny that the players have as much to do with this as the coach. And maybe Ed wasn’t working with a great product at the te,but the NIT run wasn’t a massive suprise to those around the program.Things seemed more upwards suppose to now.The Crispin reference is very true though.You do make a good point

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