Oh How Deep The Gopher Hole Goes


A pretty recent picture of Tom Curley.

Maybe we knew there wasn’t a 4 game win streak in our future, but no one expected the Gophers to thump Penn State like they did. At first glance it appeared to be the result of a complete lack of passion and drive from the Lions, and while there is no doubt that Penn State didn’t bring the energy needed to beat Minnesota, the Gophers looked to be a team peaking at the right moment. This wasn’t completely apparent at the time, but after a throttling of Purdue, it was obvious that the Gophers were playing on a different level than they had the past two meetings.

Since this post is late, we’re going to skip the recap. For the most part the box score tells the tail. Minnesota shot as well as you’re ever going to see, and Penn State played poorly on both ends of the floor. Talor Battle’s newly twisted ankle didn’t help matters any, but Penn State wasn’t going to win without production from other players. As you might imagine, this didn’t happen. While they did have 4 starters in double digits they never made the run to try and get back into the game.  Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t hurt to play defense.

So where do we go from here? Within 24 hours of the loss Tim Curley confirmed what most fans had assumed, Ed DeChellis will be back for at least one more year. This shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, and while no one enjoyed the whooping the Gophers put on Penn State, it really didn’t change things that much. It just made it more annoying to hear.

In all likelihood Ed will remain the head coach for two more seasons. Penn State has already shown that it hangs onto coaches despite their immediate results, and with Ed’s rather large buyout it works in the universities favor to keep him on board. They don’t have to buy out his contract, and he gets to see recruits like Trey Burke and Peter Alexis into the program. By all accounts both Burke and Alexis are rising recruits with a lot of upside, losing Ed could jeopardize their commitments. The university knows that, and they’ll be looking for any reason not to buyout his contract and go job hunting.

Sorry for the delay between posts. I’ll be more regular now that the conference tournaments are over, I’ve got some neat ideas to throw around as well as football to cover so stay tuned.

~ by blj1887 on March 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Oh How Deep The Gopher Hole Goes”

  1. It’s Monday evening and the latest news is that Iowa coach Todd Lickalottapus (sorry, I mean Lickliter) has been fired after three losing seasons. That should send a subtle message to DeChellis. I have to disagree about him being guaranteed two more years.

    The university is not broke or in dire straits. They could buy him out if he repeats this year’s disappointing performance, and I believe even Curly would have to listen to the clamour for his head should the Lions embarass themselves again.

    No, it’s not all his fault. I’ve harped on it all season. Players have to play and work on their game and get better. Evan Turner was nothing two years ago; look at him now. In contrast, two of our seniors to be had to be benched midway through this season. What’s a coach to do?

    Bottom line is this – Dechellis gets one more year. That matches Jerry Dunn’s eight and two bad final seasons. I think it’s NCAA or bust in 2010-11.

    I disagree with those who think PSU doesn’t care about man’s basketball. They care about all our varsity sports – it’s evident in the investment in facilities and support personnel. They know that PSU is a sleeping giant. No other school on earth would send 30+ busses of students to NY for the NIT final four. PSU fans have been raised on dominance in football and volleyball and would flock in droves to support a dominant basketball program. That’s a resource the Univesity would absolutely love to tap.

    I hope ED turns it around next year, because I like him, but if this team doesn’t come together next season, I think it’s goodbye ED.

    We all know the key to a successful program is recruiting. If ED can’t do it, I wonder who can. What coach is going to talk blue chippers into coming to the last place Big Ten team? Back to Iowa. They canned Steve Alford because he wasn’t getting it done in Iowa – but look what he’s done at New Mexico.

    Personaly, I’d stick with ED through the duration of his contract and hope Burke becomes the next Talor Battle and Alexis the next Cole Aldrich. But how much pressure will Curly be under if next season is a bust. That could be avoided if indications that a couple of scholarships are coming available are true. The coaches better their butts to bring a true post player. That’s the only thing that will save DeChellis’ job – I think.

  2. I meant to say:

    “The coaches better BUST their butts to bring IN a true post player.” [who can contribute right away]

  3. I think you’re correct that Ed hasn’t earned it. But I don’t think the university has really seen any pressure to anything else. I know people aren’thappy about it, but suppose to the football dark years when people were at Curley’s throat. I think he should be gone after next year if he can’t do it, but idk if that is what will happen.

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