The Takeaway–Penn State–Ohio State

I’m not going to pretend to like Ohio State, I’m not going to pretend that I’m really going to root for them in March. Tonight didn’t help their cause any. Before I get into the recap, I just wanted to share a few things that might not have caught your eye.

 Story #1. Evan Turner apparently didn’t take too kindly to the jeering he was getting by the student section, as soon as the game ended he made his way over to the student section yelling at us that we were all “F’n B*tches” before walking off the court.

 Story #2. William Buford fouls out of the game, he too is rattled by the apparent harassment from the crowd and commences to grab his crotch, shake it at the student section, and point at the scoreboard. Trust me, that is going to be on Youtube by tomorrow.

 All of the drama aside, Ohio State is a good basketball team, Evan Turner is going to be playing for the Nets next year, and they made the plays when it counted. So my hat goes off to a good team ranked 9th in the country for a reason.

 That being said, the Lions could have beaten Ohio State tonight. As in almost every game this year, the Lions were hanging tough and climbed back from a 17 point hole to only being down by 3. Generally they didn’t execute like they had the past two games, but the ball distribution was there, the shots just didn’t fall.

 The biggest problem was offensive spacing, and quick decision-making. The offense got jammed up a lot and really limited Penn State’s ability to find good open looks. When the Lions did get good looks they looked tentative, especially down the stretch to make the big shot. It also doesn’t help matters any that no matter who plays in the post, they get knocked around like they aren’t even there. The production down low is starting to occur, but they need to develop the physicality that will really make teams respect Penn State’s interior attack.

 As a whole, this might have been the best all around effort by the Lions at home this year, but it wasn’t enough. And hey….Preston got a technical foul, which happens about as often as… doesn’t happen. Passion on the sideline is something that you never can have too much of. While we’re on the subject of referees, I won’t claim that the refs gave Ohio State the game, but there were a lot of lopsided calls. For whatever reason the whistles didn’t go the Lions way when it mattered, and neither did the bounces. That isn’t exactly a new development though.


~ by blj1887 on February 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Takeaway–Penn State–Ohio State”

  1. I’m going to have to side with The Villian in saying that you ARE F’n B*tches.

  2. The PSU fans are about the same as WVU’s, so Turner and Buford have it right.

  3. I agree with you that the refs blew some calls but buckeye fans could probably complain about that too. So for me it’s just part of the game you’ve got to overcome.

    Although PSU appeared to be struggling to score, they looked about the same to me as the last couple of games, with the exception of the inbounds wrinkle to the post. Those were the few occasions where Drew Jones was productive. The rest of the night, Dallas Lauderdale made him look like a high school player. Unless Bill Edwards or Sasa works their way past the current starters over the offseason, we’re not going to have a post presence until Peter Alexis arrives.

    What glared out to me though was the lack of defense. You’ve got to credit OSU for racking up 75 on the team that held Michigan to the low fifties on the road, but where the hell was the defense after they crawled back from 17 down?? They just let Turner have his way at the end of the game, and of course that 17 point lead came when David Lighty played “lights out”. If anything, I am more disappointed in the defense than the scoring.

  4. I just read this:

    Coach didn’t like the defense either.

  5. Gonna have to disagree with Ken’s comment that PSU fans are like WVU fans. I’ve been to home games for both schools and OSU has played at both venues. WVU has gained national attention for the way they have acted during basketball games, their school president and athletic director have sent their students numerous emails about it, their head coach has even grabbed a microphone during games and yelled at their students. If you’ll recall one of Pitt’s assistant coaches got hit in the side of the head with a battery at WVU this season.

    Strangely enough, I’ve never seen any of those things happen at Penn State. And yes, I have been to a WVU game: their contest against Louisville this year when they chanted “Karen Sypher” at Rick Pitino all game.

    Your move, Ken.

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