60 Days Til The Blue White Game

It seems like football season just ended and now we’ve got ourselves a real live football event to look forward to. The Blue-White game has always been one of my favorite football events and is a day that you can think about how much you’re looking forward to football even though the actual season is months away. Even so, I just wanted to touch on a few storylines going into the game.

The major storyline for this game will be the quarterback play, with talent coming in with the recruiting class, and Kevin Newsome still on the roster it has already led to the general controversy of who is gonna get the starting spot. Personally I think Newsome will get the nod for no other reason than Joe rewards his players that have stayed in the system and have paid their dues. That being said, I was Ollie Ogbu’s lab partner last semester and he was talking about how some of the freshman quarterbacks coming in should really push Newsome for his starting spot because Newsome had been taking things pretty easy in practice.

I don’t know what you can make of that, but I will give the coaching staff and the people around the players the benefit of making the right choice.

Defensively it will be about who can fill the roles of Sean Lee and Co. I have always had a lot of faith in Nate Stupar’s development, mostly because we graduated together, but he has shown to be a big player on special teams so he is poised to make the move. Not to mention Tom Bradley seems to think well of him and it never hurts to have Bradley on your side. The secondary should continue to gel this year so I’m not too worried about that at this point.

The offense minus the quarterback should be about the same. Keeping Royster/Green really gives the offense something it can rely on in the offseason, and the wideouts have given us no reason not to expect another good year. The offensive line should get better (please God) and it should jus be about plugging in a quarterback that can make the throws and run an offense (if it was only that simple.)

So that’s the game in a nutshell, I’ll have a better review up closer to the game, but since we hit a date of some significance, I just wanted to touch on it and express my excitement.

~ by blj1887 on February 24, 2010.

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