Penn State–BYU Basketball game in the works?

  According to the mayor of Glen’s Falls NY that is exactly the sort of match-up he would want.

 “Mayor Jack Diamond recently sent a letter to BYU basketball coach Dave Rose and other school officials, inviting the Cougars to play a game next season in the 6,000-seat Glens Falls Civic Center. He suggested Penn State, Syracuse, Vermont, Connecticut and Siena College as possible opponents. The reason is simple: Glens Falls is the hometown of high-scoring BYU guard Jimmer Fredette , and all those people who supported him in high school would like to see him play again.”

 Is it likely that we’ll see that match-up happen? I wouldn’t think so, BYU has a lot more to gain playing a team like Connecticut, Syracuse, or Siena, but Penn State does give BYU a better shot at a W during a special game. It would almost be a guarantee for TV exposure which Penn State really can’t turn down. That naturally means they’ll want to stay away from it; if there is one thing the athletic department is good at, it is staying away from the big time OOC basketball game. I imagine that this would be the tone for most of next years OOC slate since the Lions are set up to play in the 76 Classic and an away game against Virginia Tech.

Jimmer Jimmer Jimmer…

If BYU does go for the game, which currently is a far way from happening, Penn State might be the first call. Syracuse and UConn have a large market to deal with, a 6,000 seat venue doesn’t allow for many fans outside of BYU to attend, that won’t sit too well with a large fan base. That puts Siena and Penn State closer to the front of the pack, but at this point the game is still in the works so we won’t speculate too much.

~ by blj1887 on February 16, 2010.

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