Penn State–Michigan State Preview

  So the break is over and it’s time for another game, after a heartbreaker at the buzzer against Minnesota I don’t really have any complants about having to wait this long to have my hopes and dreams shattered again. I’ve run out of nyquil to pound every morning to dull the pain so I guess that means it is time to put the boots back on and get back to writing. Well, I haven’t actually drank any nyquil, I’ve just gone to class, but I imagine the effects are about the same.

 Back to basketball, Penn State currently sits with chance of a winnless record at 16.63% so the odds are in our favor that we’ll win at least one of them before the year is out. I guess that makes me feel better. The ticket sales are currently above 12,000 sold so that too is making me less sour about the current situation.  For reasons that I don’t totally understand, I feel somewhat optimistic about this weekend’s game against the Spartans. Penn State has played ranked teams decently this year, most of those games being on the road (losing to Wisconsin in OT, almost beating Minnesota at the start of the Big Ten season, being down by a couple against Purdue at half, and being down to OSU by 5 with a few minutes left.) so all of that compiled with the fact Penn State is 2-2 in the last 4 meetings against Michigan State makes me feel hopeful. I suppose if I wasn’t in the business of irrational hope I wouldn’t be a Penn State basketball fan.

You’re going to shoot it from…..oh ok it went in…cool

 The one thing Penn State has going for it is the knowledge that of all of the ranked teams they played, this is one they can beat. Wisconsin always gives us fits, Ohio State makes us look silly, and Minnesota always…hits their shots. Michigan State is a team Penn State always seems to wake up for. Maybe they never got the memo that we don’t really care that they are our “rivals” but for whatever reason of all the Big Ten teams, Penn State really plays well for the most part against Tom Izzo.

 Then you’ve got the semi-popular Battle-Lucas…battle. Both guys show up for this game, and both of them are hobbling around right now. Lucas is back from injury, and Battle is playing injured. So maybe this won’t be the three point contest it was last time in East Lansing, but I think they’ll both find the lower intestinal fortitude to get the job done.

 That matchup will be pretty critical in how the game goes, if Battle gets it going it could be a good night for the Lions. These are the point totals for the four games of the Battle-Lucas fight in order of most recent to first:

 @MSU—Battle-29 Lucas-23

 @Penn State—Battle-20 Lucas-15

 @Penn State—Battle-17, Lucas-18

 @MSU—Battle-6 Lucas-9

 You can decide for yourself who is the better player, in the end Lucas will always get more publicity because he is on the better team. And in the end because of that he probably deserves it. That doesn’t mean Talor won’t come to play. The sad thing about it is that this will be the first time a game on ESPN between these two could really show Battle’s talent. Usually he is playing on the BTN, no offense to Mike Hall and the gang but I just think that Talor dropping 29 on MSU at MSU would have been a bigger deal if I hadn’t been the only one to see it.

 In the end Penn State just has to play smart, Michigan State is a team that makes the right play at the right time, but won’t spend the game impressing you with their athletic ability and style. If you play smart, and play good defense you have a shot to knock them off.

 I just hope they know that.

Only 3,000 tickets left

~ by blj1887 on February 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Penn State–Michigan State Preview”

  1. […] blogging away, even in the midst of this misery of a season, and if you read his latest post on tomorrows game vs Michigan St, you'll even find some reason to hope that Saturday's game will turn fortunes […]

  2. I’ve kind of given up on hoping for a win. It’s less painfull that way, because I will watch. I can’t not watch; I just wont yell at the TV and get get all excited. If we do pull off an upset, I’ll be “satisfied”, and if we go 0-12 I won’t be heartbroken. I guess that’s my defense mechanism, withdraw the emotional investment from Penn State Hoops. The other night I even watched the Lady Lions blow a huge lead against Ohio State – is it contagious?

  3. I sort of want to give the lady lions a hug after getting 17 3 pointers dropped on them. I feel the same way about losing now sucks a lot less than it did last year at this point. I still get onto it,but I don’t get my hopes too high.

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