The Takeaway–Penn State–Ohio State

O-H…oh no. That is the general feeling when it comes to playing at Ohio State. The Buckeyes came in ranked 18th in the nation and with a ever healthier Evan Turner at the helm. Generally Penn State doesn’t play very well in the state of Ohio, ironically the closest that Penn State has really gotten to beating Ohio State came back when the Buckeyes were ranked #1 in the nation. Winning this game was going to take a lot of guts to pull it out.

To make matters worse Bill Edwards and Andrew Ott got hurt. Neither injury seems to be too serious in the long run but it took them out of the gameplan. In the Lions defense that means they played most of the game, on the road, against a ranked team, without 40% of their starting lineup. With all of that in consideration the fact that the Lions were able to pull within 5 with about 3 minutes left is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though Penn State was 0-9 going into the game, they didn’t fold and they didn’t hand the Buckeyes an easy W. Most Penn State teams play worse in the second half against Ohio State, but this team played better and scored 38 points. I have limited insight to the game I’ll admit, I was at a concert and had to follow the game on my Ipod. You can however check out the boxscore here.

Being 0-10 sucks, there are no two ways around it, but there are a lot worse ways to get there. The team is putting up a fight, as a  fan I appreciate that.

~ by blj1887 on February 5, 2010.

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