The Takeaway–Penn State–Purdue

This game shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise, minus a little 3 game slide, Purdue has taken everybody on and come out on top. Going into the game Penn State needed to do everything perfect to get the win. For the first half the Lions did a pretty good job staying in the game, they dodged a few bullets when Purdue couldn’t hit their shots, but in the spirit of all good Penn State basketball stories that didn’t last long.

Going into the second half of the game the Lions struggled defensively, admittedly Purdue was hitting shots that they had no business making and ran away from the Lions in the first 4 minutes of the second half. So in a sense it was just another chapter in the book of..God-This-Is-So-Unfair, but what is Penn State basketball these days without a headache or two?

More or less what this season has felt like…

Bill Edwards had his personal best game with his first double double, with 10 points and a team high 13 rebounds. Even still Edwards was seen chucking up 3 balls left and right, a shot that he is currently shooting at a 29% clip, that puts him at second worst on the team. I’m not out to pick on him, but he does so much better on the glass and making a shot for himself, shooting the three isn’t his shot right now. The more he takes it, the worse place he puts the team.

Tim Frazier has done a good job handling the ball after his turnover issues, the more Talor can get off the ball the better. Purdue actually didn’t expect him to operate off ball and it really gave the Lions a chance to climb back into the game in the first half. Frazier is coming along finally and it is a welcome sight.

Andrew Ott was nowhere to be seen, why you might ask? That happens to be a pretty good question, Ott played a total of 5 minutes picking up a rebound and 1 foul. For a player who is shooting 60% from the floor you would think you would see more of him. My best guess is that Drew is about a step quicker than Ott and Ed was looking to have a bit more speed on defense agianst an athletic, strong Purdue team, but that is only speculation. Ott seems to have great games followed by a bad game, and then a game he doesn’t play at all. If he is going to contribute, he either needs to get more soid minutes per game, or somebody needs to tell me whats going on.

Either way, this game ended like we expected it to, and that is more of a credit to Purdue’s solid play day in and day out than Penn State’s struggles currently.

~ by blj1887 on February 2, 2010.

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