Penn State–Purdue Preview

Well, lets just admit it, Purdue is nasty. For the most part they make teams look pretty silly with their high intensity physical defense and balanced offense. Knowing this years Penn State squad you can probably look for them to hang with Purdue for no clear reason other than to confuse everybody.

For Penn State to win today they’re going to have to do two things, play good defense, and play patient offense. That will mean that more people will need to get involved and mix it up on the inside as well as not being afraid to take the shot. Talor isn’t good enough to beat Purdue all on his own, he’ll need a full cast behind him.

 My guess is that Battle has a pretty good game; Chris Babb has had two 15 point games in a row so if he can keep that going it will only help the Lion’s cause. Purdue is a really physical squad that will wear you out so staying fresh will be a big key to the Lions staying in the game.

 In the long run, today’s game doesn’t really change anything for the Lions if they lose. Purdue isn’t a mid Big Ten team that the Lions should be expected to beat, Purdue is a legitimate Final Four team with a whole boatload of talent. That isn’t to suggest that the Lions should give up and leave before the game starts, but unless this game ends with some sort of epic collapse, you shouldn’t be calling for Ed’s head because they couldn’t beat Purdue.

~ by blj1887 on January 31, 2010.

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