Mike Pentoney Needs to Calm Down

You can’t blame anybody for being frustrate about losing, but when you shoot off your mouth after you win a game, thats getting a little too excited. For some reason after Hollidaysburg’s close win over 9-2 State High, Hollidaysburg’s head coach Mike Pentoney decided to shoot off his mouth and tell us all what he really thinks about ED and Taran Buie’s verbal to Penn State.

“””He can’t win the NCAA, so he’s bringing kids in to win the PIAA,” Pentoney said of DeChellis. “I hope only the worst.” 

“I just recognized what’s going on. It’s powers in America that’s job is to justify things. I’m just a high school basketball coach that says two plus two equals four. It doesn’t equal five,” Pentoney said. “I just look at the timeline. He picks Penn State, and they move to State College. If it looks like a fish and smells like a fish, I think it’s a fish. Somebody’s trying to tell me it’s chicken.

Taran Buie is not a chicken or a fish

“It’s not healthy for scholastic sports.”

Pentoney wants it to be clear that he doesn’t think anyone involved with the State College program – “Drew Frank is a class guy, and they run a class program,” Pentoney said – was involved, nor did he aim any hard feelings at Buie’s family. His targets were the Penn State program and the governing bodies of college and Pennsylvania scholastic sports – the NCAA and the PIAA – which he thinks don’t take enough of a hand in closing what he felt was a loophole the colleges have found in order to keep closer tabs on players they are recruiting.”””

So now that we know how he feels…

It is true that plenty of High Schools suffer from other high schools getting players from out-of-town. It happens a lot in the big city systems. Take a look at Bishop McDevitts football roster, a lot of guys from way out-of-town. For better or worse it is how the world works these days. Now do I think he is right in this case? No. Buie’s family moved to be closer together, now everybody can go to each others games, not to mention that State High is a highly regarded high school. People often forget that  a lot of little Talor and Taran relatives could have a really nice childhood growing up in State College. So Mike Pentoney calm down, you won, win like a winner, not like a whiner. Oh, and State High plays Hollidaysburg at home on Feb 10th. Might need to make a trek cross town and show him how Nittany Nation gets back at people taking shots at our coach..

Maybe not that extreme


~ by blj1887 on January 21, 2010.

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