Wait…You’re Rioting?

Lane Kiffin is a coaching icon. He represents the very meaning of the word sportsmanship, and he has been a staple of winning over the past several years. Posting an impressive 5-15 record in the NFL, Kiffin quickly made the transition into the real world of football and proceeded to steer a young Tennessee squad towards the SEC basement title. Sidetracked by his own general awesomeness, good looks, and overwhelming charm; Kiffin promptly set out to offend and piss off as many SEC teams as he could. His general thought process being that if he could win an argument with Al Davis he could win a fight with anyone. Then again, who can blame him, he is one of the few people to survive the contact of a modern-day leper.

Thank God Joe doesn’t look like that..

After accusing Urban Myer of having less than honest recruiting tactics, Kiffin retired back to the locker room of good old Tennessee, after all, he did have to coach this team of his to modern-day glory. After dropping 4 of their first 6 Kiffin realized that he was only one win away from matching his mark of 5 wins in 1 and a half seasons with the Raiders. Rather pleased with his personal turn around he promptly got his bad-boy on and kicked it with Lil Wayne.

 Not wanting to out due himself he allowed Tennessee to win 4 of its last 6 and finished with a nice rout by Virgina Tech to end the season 7-6. Once the season was over Kiffin knew that he would need to land the perfect dismount to end what had been his best head coaching job of his career. A 7-6 mark was enough to win the hearts and minds of fans everywhere, he was handsome, smart, and good with words. What was there not too like?

Sure Tennessee struggled to find its persona as a team. And maybe Kiffin didn’t deliver on his promises of beating Florida. But hell, all that matters is that he’s smooth talking and knows how to pick a fight. Lane Kiffin would find his dismount from an unlikely source. Pete Carroll.

Pete Carroll had texted his players to tell  them he was leaving USC for Seattle. No coach had a better exit. Even Kiffin had to admire the sheer lack of class in this act. After spending almost a decade a top college football, Carroll allows the amazing world of technology tell his players and coaches that he was gettin out-of-town before the program fell apart. Kiffin knew that this was his chance, a program ready to crumble was in serious need of a coach that didn’t know how to keep its mouth shut. Pundits might say he isn’t ready to take on a program like USC when he couldn’t coach himself out of a 3rd and 2 in Oakland. Kiffin would like to remind you however that it wasn’t his coaching that led him to the 5-15 mark; it was the fact that the players weren’t smart enough to understand the genius behind his offensive schemes; he would be better served coaching the real talent in California.

So Lane Kiffin is gone, so what do the Tennessee delusional faithful do? They riot… or maybe they’re running? Whatever it is, they’re mad, and they want their bad mouthing, smack talking, 7-6 record winning, coach back. And who can blame them? He was a lot of fun..

Am I the only one who thinks that looks a little bit like Beaver Stadium?

~ by blj1887 on January 13, 2010.

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