On The Spot–Taran Buie videos

The internet is pretty sweet, sitting here in my house watching SportsNation and with a click of a button I can watch almost any recruiting video. Ok not a single click, but with a little work I can watch a lot of highlight reel. That may or may not be why I’m still up at 1 at the morning but I digress. Tonight I decided to check out Taran Buie in person and see if he is really as impressive his news reel says he is. Watching a player in person can really help you get an idea of how good he is when the editing software isn’t around. So is Buie the real dea? The answer…yea he’s the real deal. Buie was the best player on the floor by far as he had 30 points and made it look pretty easy.

I took quite a lot of video to give you the viewer an idea of aspects of Taran’s game that don’t always make the highlights but are more important on a possession to possession basis. Videos are after the break…Buie is #2

So you’ve got to start off right, this dunk comes after a steal from Colby Way and a nice outlet pass. Buie has athleticism to boot.

So that is a little hard to follow-up, so we’ll take  a look at a pretty important fundamental aspect of the game and one that can decide a game, thats right, the dreaded free throw. Buie has been knocked for having free throw issues but with this stroke you can’t find too much to complain about.

 In order to get beyond the highlights you’ve got to see the game as it happens. This clip features a Buie rebound, a nice drive to the hoop and him running the offense. Minus the drive to the hoop it isn’t a video that will make your jaw drop, but it does give you a nice feel to how Buie runs the floor with and without the ball.

Taran has a pretty high basketball IQ, and this drive and pass to Colby Way shows how he has court vision that rivals many college basketball players, let alone high school. The idea of him, Talor, and Frazier running the floor is pretty scary. Three guys with great court vision could be a pretty fast and deadly combo.

The last segment involves Buie running the defensive press. If I had any thing bad to say about Buie it would be his intensity in the zone, but that does lend itself to less as an aggressive defense compared to man. Word has it that Buie is really talented in man-to-man defense; judging by how he ran in the press I imagine that is true.

I got more than what I expected from Taran; he’s a smart player with a lot of talent and basketball smarts. I liked what I saw and will go to see him play again. Any rumors of his teamwork don’t seem to be true, he was happy to pass the ball and listened to the coaches in the huddle, I’ll refrain from rumors in the future but he seems to have no chemistry issues.  I have a few more videos recorded including Taran’s rebounding but you can check them out here

~ by blj1887 on December 30, 2009.

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