The Takeaway–Penn State–American

Came so close to flying

So in a night that had the men’s basketball team taking over America, and the women’s team taking over Oakland it seems that Penn State is well on its way to world domination. American was a tricky team to figure out, this year they have struggled going 2-10 but in their recent history they have made trips to the NCAAs. After scoring over 100 points a few nights before it was also a little up in the air as to what to expect from the Nittany Lions offense. Originally I had predicted this game as one of the OOC games to go to and considering that the 36-30 halftime score I wasn’t too far off at that point. The then Lions took care of business in the second half and pulled away, but for the most part it was one of the better OOC games of the season.

Vlad Moldoveanu gave the Lions a nice post player to play against as he scored 17 points and really showed a lot of poise and skill as a forward, but outside of some streaky 3 ball shooting from Nick Hendra who also scored 17 points the Lions were just too big and too strong for the undersized…Americans?

The actual American U Fight Song

So what can we takeaway from the game? 

Shooting is coming back in style—–After having issues finding the bottom of the net it is nice to see two straight games where the shots are pretty much falling at will. It’s true that you wont be scoring 100 points every game, and that they didn’t do it against good teams, but the confidence built from getting shots to fall will pay off when you’re finally playing those tough teams. That being said they did only shoot 11-20 free throws, but that isn’t a trend that should last long.

Is Andrew Ott about to break out—–If there is one thing Ott is good at, it is getting hacked and hacked some more. I’m not sure why teams play him so physical, but for the second straight game Ott has gotten himself to the line and made himself known on the glass. In 14 mins of play he scored 7 points and grabbed 3 boards. That puts Ott in a two game span of 28 mins 19 points and 5 rebounds, 4 of which were offensive rebounds. Although the production isn’t that needed of a starter, if he is able to give Jones a break and produce 7-12 points and a few rebounds a game that would be huge for the team.

Chris Babb is back—–After a David Ortiz like slump Chris is back in form hitting 3 of 4 from three and 13 total points with 6 rebounds. Chris, although a streaky shooter will be a huge part of the Lions success in the upcoming Big Ten season. That makes Chris 5 of 7 from three over the past two games and with a total of 25 points. A nice step forward to what we’re used to from the talented shooter.

All in all it was a good performance to end the OOC portion of the season on and lets the Lions head into their break on a positive note. They’ll take on Minnesota in The Barn next week to start off the Big Ten season.


—The injury to David Jackson after an awkward fall is reported as a overextension of the knee he should be back soon.

~ by blj1887 on December 22, 2009.

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