The Takeaway-Penn State/Gardner-Webb

Sometimes you just feel bad for a team, nobody likes getting crushed by Duke and then having to go on the road again to be reminded of why they didn’t get that scholarship to a fancy basketball school all over again. In their defense, they gave it a good try, but I do suspect that with a 20 point deficit at the half they really just wanted to go play in the snow. Despite the lopsided victory there was still legitimate information to take away from the game.

  • Andrew Ott knows what the basket looks like- Finally Ott scored double digits and although mostly from the free throw line he was able to get to the hoop and draw the foul. For whatever reason teams see the need to hack at Ott every time he has the ball, can’t offer an explanation for that, but if he is gonna hit the free ones can’t really complain.
  • Tim Frazier is looking confident- Over the past two games Frazier has looked flustered and out of sync, against Gardner-Webb however he looked much more confident, made sharp passes and got to the basket on route to a 18 point game. A key to getting him into Big Ten shape will be finding him shots he can make without much difficulty. Jump shots aren’t  in Frazier’s arsenal on a consistent basis so getting to the rim is key. Despite Frazier’s smaller size he has the athleticism to get to the basket and if he can be successful in doing so he’ll be a great asset.
  • Free Throws are looking free- I’m not sure what Ed did to the team in the offseason but they’re hitting the free ones at a clip of 75%  on the season. That didn’t change last night as the Lions hit 28 of 32 from the line. That includes hitting all 19 free throws in the second half.
  • Talor Battle is still good- Talor did pretty much whatever he wanted, scored 21 points in 24 mins. He could have had twice as many points but they kept him fresh on the bench. Can’t complain, gotta keep him healthy.

All in all there was a lot of points and good defense. Frankly anything short of a 15+ point win would have been disappointing and looking at a game where you score a 100 plus points there is only so much you can truly take away from that sort of game. But hey…a win is a win and that means…Dance Party!

~ by blj1887 on December 20, 2009.

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