Blow the whistle! Timeout.

After the timeout fest that ended last years game between the Spartans and the Lions it was all about showing the Spartans who was boss. For the most part this game started out with the same snails pace as the last few games for the Lions but apparently the halftime speech involved quiet a lot of yelling and motivational speeches. Regardless of whatever locker room party went on during halftime the Lions came out and put the Spartans away with 28 points in the 3rd quarter. Since I wasn’t able to post a pregame post we can’t go over the three keys to the game but there are a few stats worth mentioning:

Clark has another solid game with another 4 TD showing, completing 19-27 of his passes for 310 yards.

Chris Drake made a nice burst onto the scene for the injured Chaz Powell with a TD pass and several nice blocks a 18 yard run and 2, 11 yard catches. Look for him to make a big impact in  the coming year. Slowly but surely Penn State is become a fast team in a slow league.

Green has taken on kick return duties and is doing a great job, kinda wonder where he’s been all year.

Royster took whatever message Joe had for him to heart and rushed for 114 yards on 13 carries.

All in all I can’t think of a better way to end the regular season this year, should be great momentum going into whatever bowl game the Lions are headed for. Check back tomorrow for a recap of the Charleston Classic.

~ by blj1887 on November 22, 2009.

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