Student section to gain seats and move in 2011

That’s right, after a lot of talking it’s official, the student section is moving and adding 800 seats in 2011. The new system involves students entering from Gates A and B, which will allow for more students to enter at the same time. The student section would also move from its current range of seats between the ED section and past the tunnel to seats between the EA and WA sections. That would include upper deck seating for students sitting in sections EA and WA.While a lot of talk has been made of the student section not filling by kickoff this past season, the added 800 tickets will be put on sale for students on a week to week basis. Tickets that aren’t sold will then be open for the public to buy at the regular price.  More information can be found here here. But since it’s my blog I get to spout out my opinions on the interwebs.

  • More students closer to the field=louder student section, more people close to the action
  • More students in student section=louder student section
  • Upper deck bounces the sound down to the field=louder student section

Incase you couldn’t figure it out, things are gonna be louder in Happy Valley.

There are negatives involved with the move, the seats won’t be as nice, and the upperclassmen won’t have any seating advantages like they have had in the past; but it could be a nice change of pace and the noise addition will be pretty drastic. The two gate system will also cut back on the 15min-before-kick-rush to a minimum (don’t tell them they can get there early though, it is a secret) It’ll be a fun thing to try out when Alabama comes to town for the second game of the 2011 season. If that game isn’t a Whitehouse I’m not sure what is. Paternoville will still happen though so don’t worry, the famous tent city isn’t going anywhere soon.


In addition to the student section move, the regular non-student ticket holders will have ticket prices raised and lowered at prices that make little to no sense to most people. But hey, whats Penn State athletics without some random decisions. All in all, the ticketing change will be a nice distraction to what could be a rebuilding year. Not to sell the guys short, but 2010 is gonna be a tough campaign. We’ll leave that for a later post though.

“A seat license is typically thought of as two things,” Myford said. “They tend to be long-term agreements. We do tickets on an annual basis. Our season ticket holders decide each year how much they’re going to contribute. There’s no long-term obligation associated with this.”

Seat position in the stadium will now be factored into each minimum Nittany Lion Club donation. Myford said some club members who weren’t giving at all or were giving very little may have to pay more to retain their current seats. Regardless, he said, their seats could be moved to a different part of the stadium if they aren’t willing to pay more.

“It will allow us to freeze the ticket price for student tickets,” Myford said. “The revenues that will be generated by the new program will allow us to provide that ticket freeze for the public as well.”

“If you’re already giving generously,” Myford added, “there are many people who won’t be impacted by this at all.”

~ by blj1887 on November 16, 2009.

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