This is a football…dont let go of it

Senior day is always emotional. Everybody wants to play well but that doesn’t mean you can fumble the ball again and again. Clark seems to suffer from the need to rush things in bigger games. I think thats what his problem is; he has the tools to play with anybody but he just rushes throws and trys to force it. That was the cause of two early INTs and a bit of a suspect start for the Lions who gave the Nittany Lion faithful a big of a scare to start out the day. In Indianas defense they have played ranked teams really well all season so it shouldn’t have been too much of a suprise when they weren’t going away quietly. All of that aside how did the team look with the 3 keys?:

You’re not playing Ohio State: For the second half the Lions looked like a team that have moved on, but for a while it looked like it might have been another showing of the run for three straight downs show. Thankfuly they got rid of that playbook for a litle while and passed the ball. For whatever reason Clark overthrew a few touchdown passes that would have made the game a huge blowout, but it just wasn’t there for Clark.

Special Teams: For whatever reason nobody could hang onto the ball and dropped it maybe everytime it was kicked to them. Part of the reason this season could end in a few weeks and I wouldn’t mind comes from the special…specialness of that unit.

All in all the Lions got the W and are a game away from a bowl. The BCS isn’t out of the question after a few keys losses across the nation so a win next week is important.

Check back in a bit for some basketball.


~ by blj1887 on November 15, 2009.

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