Gary Indiana…well…Bloomington


Time to put the moonshine away, if the team has to get over a loss then so do we. Got two games to go and a lot to play for, at the very least, a lot to lose if you give up now. Up next is the last home game for many of the beloved Seniors on this years team and a pesky Indiana team that might have a big win over Iowa if it wasn’t for a few instant replay reviews that didn’t go their way. You might say…”How can they be pesky? They haven’t won very many games” well…they lost to #21 Wisconsin 28-31, #23 (at the time) @Michigan 36-33, and by all rights had the Iowa game under control for 3 quarters before the wheels on the bus feel off and exploded.So what should you expect? Honestly I dont see Penn State letting Indiana hang around for very long. If there is one thing I wouldn’t want to be, it’s a team that has to play Penn State after blowing a chance to get a big win. Indiana is more than likely going to serve as a punching bag, and by all rights thats how you would expect it…except those damn guys keep going to practice and trying hard and that makes everything a little more confusing. So back to tradition 3 keys:

Indiana isn’t Ohio State: That means you’ve got to get up, dust off, and play this game like you won last week. Execute, for Gods sake block once and a while and dont look back once you get the lead. You’re the better team but Indiana isn’t a pushover.

Special Teams should be a good type of special: In all respects the defense played pretty well last week, but when you back them up against the wall after 7 straight 3 and outs by the offense, you’re going to crack sooner or later. Special Teams could do everybody a big favor and cover punts, make tackles and generally be better.

I’ll let coach finish up here for us: Minus the part about the scoreboard you can’t argue with Gene.

~ by blj1887 on November 11, 2009.

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