What left is there to say?

Instead of a preview of the game that has been covered inside and out, we’re going the way of the internet and filling your mind with videos and anything else that will dry your mind up and excite you for a weekend of nothing but loud noises and 4 quarters, let us start with some modern history. Here even in the first meeting between these two school Ohio State decided to ignore the halo rule, if that doesn’t make sense…just wait for the first play in the video:

I thought he had the ball coach, I swear..

We’re gonna skip ahead a few years:

So the dark years seem to be almost over, you’ve got yourself a big game, how do you get excited?…this is how:

So you’ve got yourself a big game, how do you finish it off?….something like this..

So where does one go from there? How can you top that act? Well sometimes you can’t..

But it seems to me like somebody can’t hang onto the ball…that would be the second time..

Well here we are folks…what video gets posted next? I hope it has to do with this though…

~ by blj1887 on November 5, 2009.

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