Northwestern Postgame

Northwestern is always a fun place to play. That is if you like watching a talented Penn State squad struggle for no reason other than they dont know what to do with themselves in front of such a small crowds. With the Lions slow start it looked as though this game would follow suit. That was until the high-powered fourth quarter when they dropped 21 points and put their foot down and were able to look ahead to next week and the highly anticipated game against the Buckeyes. Before we get ahead of ourselves lets take a look back at the keys to the game:

Dont look ahead: Basically the only way you could do this was if you gave up the loss to a lesser team. Some fans might point to the slow start as the Lions not having their head in the game, but I belive that the Wildcats are a well coached team so the slow start was more of a product of a good opponent rather than sloppy play. That isn’t to say they came out of the blocks playing the best they could, I just think Northwestern is a well coached team that was ready to play.

Dont lose your edge: A key to playing well was to still play with the fire that they had last weekend at Michigan. Despite the slow start they did score 2 TDs in 2 plays and had plenty of defensive stands in the game. So for the most part the team didn’t take a step back.

Have fun: I guess that isn’t something you can really look up in a stat sheet but it is about staying loose. Clark looked sharp 22/31 for 274 yards and 1 TD passing at least 1 ball to 11 different receivers.

All in all the Lions came away with a big win and can now look ahead to the game that could shape the post season hopes of the team. Get excited, Ohio State is coming to town.

~ by blj1887 on November 1, 2009.

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