justNorthwestern–Penn State preview

Sadly the hangover of happiness from beating Michigan has ended and we’ve still got 4 games and bowl game left to go so let’s get back to work. Northwestern is coming of the largest comeback in school history against Indiana. I doubt that the Wildcats will have any issues getting focused again after an emotional win, but I wouldn’t expect the win to have much of a carryover effect. It should be a pretty pass happy game with Clark leading the Big Ten in QB rating and Mike Kafka leading the Big Ten in passing yards. The x-factor in the game will be Evan Royster and Co as the Wildcats are having issues stopping the run this season. Those are the basics, lets take a look at the keys:

Dont look ahead: Yeah it was fun to win against Michigan, but you’ve got bigger and better things ahead of you. Play the game a play at a time and dont think about OSU until this game is over. Early in the season I saw this game as a trap game, Northwestern always give Penn State issues, but I just dont see this team looking far ahead. Clark looks sharp and the offense is coming into its peak at the right time. Nothing against Northwestern but it’ll take some doing to come away with this W.

Imagine what this season would have been like if 4th and 15 didn’t lead to this play..

Dont lose your edge: Winning the game shouldn’t be hard, but you can make it harder than it needs to be. The Lions looked sharp last week and if they want to make an impression on the voters they should try to win with some swagger and aggression. That goes for the defense as well, they played lights out the last two weeks and should do so again this week. Playing tough this week gives something for OSU to think over inside the always cocky locker room…..I’m saving those feelings for now.

Have fun: For the first time maybe this season the Lions are looking like they like playing football. Things aren’t such a struggle like they used to be, the running game is coming along nicely and the passing attack is as solid as it was last year. Winning is half mental so play like winners. That sounds like a line out of Hoosiers but it’s true.

Have fun on three…one…two…three..

Stat watch: Clark is going nuts with almost 1000 yards passing and 12 Tds in 4 games. Another solid game and people are going to have to take notice. Hats off to him breaking the school TD record last week. Some guy named Zach Mills had it before him.

For a slow white guy he runs pretty fast..

~ by blj1887 on October 28, 2009.

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