Practice is over,and we won..

Ok so if you saw this post earlier I sort of half-assed it and I’ve since decided thats a little lame. So lets go over the game and see how the squad performed on the three keys to the game. We’re not going to do a “Great, Less than Great, and the Room for Improvement” because when you win 52-3 the whole dynamic of the game is a lot more like a practice and less like something that can’ be broken down into something worth picking apart. So the three keys:

1.Constancy – The goal was to build off of the rushing performance of the week before. It would be hard not to match it against a team that could have been beaten by a scout team, but never the less the Lions rushed for 285 yards and continued to grow in confidence along the offensive line.

2. Defense– Needed to find a few playmakers and Bowman did his job returning a fumble for a touchdown in the longest 100 yard dash in the history of 100 yard dashes. Wallace also intercepted a pass and the Lions are quietly causing quiet a few turnovers, to be exact 10 in 6 games. Josh Hull is also going wild with 63 tackles on the season and is stash and shoulders ahead of the team.

3. Special Teams– Finally, kickoffs that make it to the endzone. I’m not saying that Wagner is juicing, but the boy ate his breakfast before the game. If he can keep up the kicking it could pay huge dividends in the special teams and field position game.

Sorry this post is so short, there will be more things of content later in the week.

~ by blj1887 on October 12, 2009.

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