The Altoona Mirror doesn’t approve of this game.

So the ship seems to be in a more upright position, or in the very least it doesn’t seem to have quite the list that it seemed to have after the Iowa game. The running game is back and the offense line remembered that football is a contact sport and pushing is allowed. Clark had a nice game and Jeremy Boone kicked the ball as far as he wished he could have kicked Adrian Clayborn’s head two weeks ago. So we’re chugging down happiness lane and the next victims team to play the Nittany Lions are the Eastern Illinois Panthers. So what can you look for in this upcoming matchup?


Little did the Tugboat know it was about to go pro.

1.Constancy – It’s great to play well for one game, but you’ve got to do it again and again if you want to bring home a medal to hang from the mantle. I’m hoping for another 200+ rushing performance, we’ll see how it goes but that would be two solid games in a row to hang your hat on.

2. Defense– Take a game and find out who your leaders are. Josh Hullstach had been going wild, and nobody seems to throw to D’Anton Lynn’s side of the field, but the whole unit could use a game to really challenge themselves to smother a team. I know EIU isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but good defense is good defense.

3. Special Teams-Outside of Boone beating the hell out of every punt, the special teams hasn’t really been called on, but at the same time you dont really feel like they could get the job done if they really needed to. It’d be nice to see a few shots go through the uprights and leave the stadium feeling like you werent watching the Orange Bowl every time a kicker went out.

Thanks Kevin, but you could have nailed it about and hour ago

~ by blj1887 on October 7, 2009.

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