Sometimes losing is the best thing that can happen to you

Thats not to say I wanted Penn State to lose to Iowa last weekend, but if the Lions needed a loss to light a fire under them to play like they did today I guess I’ll take it. After a loss that had many of the Lion faithful searching for answers the team responded with a game that could prove as a turning point in the season. With 513 yards of total offense there was no question that the Lions weren’t ready to give up the Big Ten title hopes just yet. With the game fresh in our minds lets go over the usual, Great, Less Than Great, and Room For improvement. 

The Great: It’s hard to find much wrong with the running game today, with 338 rushing yards and Royster and Green both with 100+ yards (105,120 respectively) it looks like they may have finally figured out how to run the ball like most of us would have expected. The offensive line finally got a push out of the trenches and did a good job blocking downfield. You might say that Illinois just doesn’t have a very good defense but the Lions offensive line didn’t have this kind of push against any of the OOC teams. This looks like honest to goodness improvement. Clark also ran the ball quite well with two big runs

Less Than Great: If you have to pick out something in the game it could be in the secondary. Benn had a good game and that was too be expected but they did let 263 yards passing, usually in large chunks. It isn’t so much about how many yards you give up as it is how many yards you give up all at once.

Room For Improvement: Somebody kick the ball to the endzone on kickoffs, you can’t allow everybody start drives on their own 30. With that in mind Jeremy Boone played amazing with two punts inside the 10.

Stats of the game:

198 yards: How many yards Boone punted for today on 4 punts.

66 yards: Boone’s longest punt

4: The number of different players with a rushing TD.

5 plays in a row for 5 first downs

~ by blj1887 on October 3, 2009.

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