Pick yourself up we’re going on a roadtrip!

Sorry this took so long to get up but with two exams and a cold I’ve been busy. By now however chances are you’ve gotten over the ugly loss and are looking ahead to the upcoming game. The Lions tend to not do so well on road, but nobody except OSU really plays great on the road in the Big Ten. So what should you expect against Juice Williams and Co? Lets take a look at the top three things.

1. Offensive Line-Lots of people are on Clark after a pretty bad showing, and it is true that the stats dont lie, but they dont show the fact that for 80% of the game he had less than 3 seconds to fine an open target. You can’t expect to pass the ball well if you have to throw it as so as it is in your hands. If the offensive line can get it together there is a chance that this season won’t be riding the struggle bus for long. If they dont get it together it might be a long long season.

2. Secondary- Juice Williams and Arrelious Benn have had a bit of an underwhelming season, but they are a combo that can go off at any given moment. Benn almost always has a good game against the Lions and if they can’t keep him in check it might not matter how much time Clark has to pass the ball.

3. Pass Rush- It really hasn’t been around  this season, and frankly it is kinda sad. Get in William’s face and you’ve got a good chance to intercept a few passes. Juice is prone to turnovers, so make him make the tough throw. It would be nice to see a game that the Lions get 3-4 sacks, this would be a good time to start. I’d like to see this…


So lets look around the Big Ten at 3 games that are worth paying attention to this week:

Upset Watch–Michigan travels to MSU and even though the Spartans are 1-3 they have played teams tough and are looking around for the victory to turn the season around. This could be it, playing a Michigan team that played a weak Indiana team in a dogfight.

Game of The Week-Wisconsin at Minnesota. Two 1-0 teams and both teams playing pretty good ball at this point in the season. A Wisconsin victory would give the Badger the start of quite the turnaround from last seasons collapse.

Worth Tuning in To-Ohio State goes down to Indiana for a night time showdown in the new stadium. I doubt that the Hoosiers will pick up the W, but if they play like they did against UM they could make things interesting for 1st half. If Pryor and the Buckeye offense keep having issues in the passing game there is a chance that this game could be an outside shot for an upset.

and on that note, here is the ESPN Fail of the Week: I’m sure they’ll catch this before the day is up.


~ by blj1887 on October 1, 2009.

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