Well, better now than later.

It’s never easy to lose, and it is even harder to lose when you’re playing a team like Iowa. One of those teams that you should beat, but if you let them hang around they’ll beat you. And that is exactly what happend. I wont go over the play by play for you, because you all watched the game. But as usual lets get at the Great, Not So Great, and Room For Improvement.

Great:In a game that you only score 10 points it is hard to pick out the positives, but for the most part the Defense was getting the job done in the first half. They struggled at times in the second half, but for the most part they were doing their half of the deal, the offense wasn’t moving the ball.

Not So Great: Kickoff coverage,you really shouldn’t be letting your oppenent start every drive around the 30. It’ll happen once and a while, but it shouldn’t be the normal. This team sometimes seems like they are aftraid to hit people, they should get over that.

Room For Improvement: I’m usually hesitant to place a loss on a single player or unit since you win as team and lose as a team. Even so I’m gonna have to single out the offensive line. They got out pushed and beat on way too many plays. If we’re going to ride the struggle buses to Capital One Bowl land we either need to admit that or hope that things are going to get better. A lot of people are all over Clark on this one, but BSD put this the best way you could:

                “Daryll Clark had his worst day as a starter completing only 12-of-32 passes and giving up three interceptions. He’s the easy target for the goat in this game, but this was a total team loss. It’s not his fault the offensive line gave him 0.3 miliseconds to throw the ball. It’s not his fault his receivers like the tip his passes up in the air. It’s not his fault they only called one deep throw the rest of the game after completing the first pass for an 80 yard touchdown. It’s not his fault the punt coverage team let a man run untouched to block a punt,

In fairness the defense played their hearts out. They clung on to that 10-0 lead as long as they could. But when your six second half drives go Interception, missed field goal, blocked punt returned for a touchdown, interception, fumble, interception, there’s only so much you can do. They played short handed with their backs up against the wall all night and really couldn’t have done a better job.”””

So what do you do now? Well there are three ways to look at this game-

1. The season is a wash: Lose a game or two on the road and your Big Ten championship dreams are over. Get reay to figure out how we’re going to win next season and pray that Paul Jones really is that good.

2. USC loses once every year and they end up ranked high: That also happens to be true for the Lions, last year they lost…to Iowa, and they still took a trip to Cali. So really, it comes down to the fact you have to play the game, and the Big Ten title isn’t out of the question yet. This team might not have all the peices to the puzzle, but they still have the chance to win it.

2. Everybody is losing: It’s never easy to have to rely on other teams but 10 teams haven’t lost yet. So the door could still be open if things work out ok.

~ by blj1887 on September 27, 2009.

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