“You Are Looking Live”

Sorry that this post is going up late. Paternoville and exams keeps your average school boy pretty busy. So what is there left to be said for this weeks game? Gameday is coming, Whiteouts are in the horizon and revenge is on the minds of the Lion faithful….except Joe’s, thats one “R word” that doesn’t involve when he may or may not be done coaching. Paternoville is bouncing…currently sitting next to a 5 speaker stereo, disco ball, and a lamp…so it’s safe to say that the electricity is having a positive effect on the living conditions of Paternoville.

So the game–We can only yell so loud, so what should you expect from this weeks game? A good old fashion Big Ten battle in the trenches. At first glance this looks like the sort of game that could be very low scoring. Going into the game there are 3 things that you should look for:

1. Ricky Stani–He was key in the upset last year, but if he starts out slow it could be a long night for the folks from Iowa. If he plays like he does in the second half’s of games ( his quarterback rating goes up on average of 60 points) the Lions could have a lot on their hands.

His stats so far: 60/100 for 644 yards and 5 TDs 3INTs

2. Defense-With or without Sean Lee, defense is going to be key in keeping in hands of the Lions and the Lion faithful. Stupar may be out of the game as well so the secondary is going to need to step up and do their job. Word on the street is that Bowman will be playing so that’s some good news.

3. Special Teams- In a low scoring game and a game that can be decided by field position the special teams unit is going to be one of the most important aspects of this game. This can lead to some stress in your average Lion fan considering that it really hasn’t been called on to make the big play.


3 Things You Might See-

1.Kevin Newsome in the Wildcat-So far Newsome has shown us what we’ve expected, he isn’t ready to start, but he can run. Remember how much Clark gave the Aggies fits in the Alamo Bowl? Wouldn’t be surprised to see Newsome take a few snaps and pick up a good chunk of yards. The best case would be a half back pass from him, but lets not push out luck.

2. Something cool from the student section–Can’t say what, but something is in the mix…just think of what you could spell with 179 people in the front row?…oh I’ll be on the 40 yardline.

3. Open up the door the playbook is here:When you dont have to do much to beat the soft OOC teams, you dont have to show much. I’d expect to see some new plays, more along the lines of jet sweeps and more Spread HD type plays. Chaz Powell has a quick first step and really hasn’t been used much in the running game, keep an eye out for new things.

~ by blj1887 on September 24, 2009.

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