The Owls are out

So it’s Wednesday and that means that it’s time to look at this weeks opponent. The lucky winner, the Temple Owls. Temple is a solid team but the Lions should be looking to iron out all the kinks before the Big Ten season starts. That means getting the running game going, and finding the offensive line. Even though the Lions should come out on top, there are still plenty of things to watch in this noon time match up.

Since this weeks game is the final OOC game before Iowa comes to town, it’s going to be really important to work out a few issues that have been keeping the Lions a few plays away from really being a solid football team. So what are some things to look for? Here are the top 3:

1. Running Backs– Nobody can denied that the running game has under performed, but this article has given me a new hope in the Lions and Royster ability to be effective on the ground. Joe also said this week that the offensive line was going get his full attention this week. I dont know about you, but if Joe was on my back for a week, I’d step up my game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the running game finally get into form this week.

2. Special Teams-Last week I said kicking field goals would be important, but then they didn’t kick any. So this week the goal is the same, get Wagner to punch a few through the uprights and get his confidence up before the Big Ten season comes around. Boone is still bombing punts halfway across State College so there really aren’t any complaints there. The kickoff coverage could be a little better, but that’ll take care of itself as the season goes along.

3. Cornerbacks- They’ve played pretty well but the depth chart has jumped around more than the student section during zombie nation. It’ll be important to settle that battle out so the defense can settle even more. My nod goes to AJ Wallace, but Im not the coach so we’ll see how it works out.

All in all this game is pretty important for how the Lions will go into the Big Ten season. A big win would be helpful in more ways than one. I think this will be the best game the Lions have played so far and they finally start to play with some swagger that they had last season. I’ll go with a 42-10 Lions victory.

~ by blj1887 on September 16, 2009.

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