Dear Greg Paulus, I’m sorry it’s so loud here

So it’s hump day already and that means that football is just around the corner. On the docket this week: The Syracuse Orange and the ever growing story of former Duke basketball star Greg Paulus as the starting quarterback, he did…ok..against Minnesota last week going 19/31 for 167 yards, but looks to improve as the season goes along. With the Big Ten season creeping up in the mirror there are a few things to look for in a game that should have shades of last weeks game against the Zips.

1. Special Teams– For a unit that struggled last week I’d look for Joe to take more chances to kick field goals. As much as we want to see them go for it on every fourth down, it’ll be important for the unit to get good reps and gain confidence going into the bigger games. As far as the return game, you can always return better, personally I’d like to see Royster fair catch every  punt and not get hurt. I’d much rather see Wallace back handing that detail but Joe wants to stick with Royster for now.

2. Running Game– Teams like Syracuse are perfect for establishing a running game, thats not to say that they are a pushover, but it’s a good game to get the young offensive line more time to gell. The amount of time left to get things figured out is quickly coming to an end. Take away the fake punt and the Lions really didn’t have much of a ground attack. Royster only had 61 yards on 14 carries and was only a block away several times from breaking it open. They’ve got to get the running game going.

3. Defense– They played great last week, now it’s time to see what they can do this week. The second half wasn’t as strong so the key to this game will be keeping the intensity up for all 4 quarters. The secondary isn’t really going to get tested but it’s always good to get balls thrown their way until they’ve got everything figured out come Iowa. Greg Paulus is going to get sacked, the only question is how many times.

When it comes down to it the Lions are just a better team. At this point it’s about getting good playing time, making the little things better and getting guys like Kevin Newsome more playing time.To get it out of the way however, this team is much better than the one the Lions played last year. I expect the Lions to blow out the Orange, but I wouldn’t be suprised to see a good game for a quarter or two. As far the whole OSU-USC game, I guess we’ve got to root for Pryor, not really enjoying the thought but it’s what the Big Ten needs. OSU doesn’t have to win, they just need to not get crushed. Maybe we can settle on a tie?..

~ by blj1887 on September 9, 2009.

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