The Kool Aid is ready

I know that I tend to digress into Pryor…conversations…but after watching this video I really needed to take a look at his stats and supporting cast. First off however, there is no doubt that Pryor is a talented player, but he has a long way to go.

Part of a QB’s Quarterback rating comes from % completions, sure he completed 60.6% of his passes, but he only attempted 165 passes,(115 in the nation), Cameron Dantley, Syracuse’s Quarterback attempted 86 more passes last year than Pryor. And yes he did averaged 7.9 yards a pass, but he had two sure-handed wideouts, now he doesn’t have quite the same supporting cast as he did last year. He passed for 1,311 (100th in the nation) only 13 more yards than Cameron Dantley and a large amount of these yards came against very under-matched teams.

I just don’t see Pryor as the savior of the quarterback position, sure he is talented but “The best to play the position?” I’m not so sure about that, maybe for no other reason than he got sacked as many times as Jimmy Clausen did (21 times), ok that isn’t the best reason, but he has a bit more work to do before I’m a believer. It is going to be tough though when OSU was 9th in the Big Ten in total offense and saw its Touchdown production drop by 20% less season. Now there are less weapons, less talented defenders, and all the pressure in the world on Pryor. If he pulls this off I’ll be the first to say I was wrong…I shouldn’t have to say that for a Preseason PYO though right?..

Anyway…off the soapbox..

~ by blj1887 on August 31, 2009.

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