Why losing to Illinois wouldn’t end the season


I know I know, the season hasn’t started yet and Im already looking 5 games into it. On top of that I’m suggesting we might lose the game. Frankly for as much as Juice and Co are getting hyped this off-season they still don’t have many playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. On top of that they lost their best defensive player in CB Vontae Davis. We’ll leave that all for another post.

All of that aside, if Juice does pull off the win it might not be so bad for the Lions. Sure their ranking will slip, but they’ll still have 7  more games to go. Everybody knows that most of the Top 10 teams will lose at least one game. They all have to play each other in the SEC, and Big 12 Championship games. At the end of the season. That means while those teams are losing, and are fresh in voters minds the Lions could very well be on a 7 game win streak and in a tie, or in sole possession of first place in the Big Ten. Usually when Top 15 teams slip up as they almost always do, they end up back in the top of the rankings as the season moves along. Last years loss to Iowa was more devastating in the long run because of where it was in regards to the end of the season.

One example of this is USC. USC lost last year to Oregon State in  the 5th week of the season (the 3rd game for USC), and at the time was ranked #1. The next week after losing they fell to 9th but ended the season at 12-1 and ranked #2 in the country. Now the Lions could fall into the range of 16-14 the could still end up in the Top  8 and in a good place for a BCS Bowl.

So see? It can still turn out ok. In other news…

~ by blj1887 on August 26, 2009.

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  1. Tamba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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