5 Things to watch for this season

So people are getting desperate to find things to write about these days. You can only write about the unproven secondary for so long, and how much you wish Deon Butler was still around. After a while it gets a little bit old, so we’re gonna take a step back and talk about 5 things to look for that haven’t really been covered much.

1.Will Jeremy Boone overshadow Jeremy Kapinos? Boone averages 43 yards on 59 punts, that is 3rd in school season history. He has a 70 yard punt in his name and is a probable Ray Guy Award candidate. Although Kapinos was 3rd Team All-American his senior season, Boone has a great chance to have a stellar senior season. Special teams could be the deciding factor in a few of the Lions games this year, so look for Boone to show us his best. Slowly but surely Penn State is producing NFL caliber kickers and special teams players.

2. Will Evan Royster be the #1 All-Time leading rusher in school history? It isn’t very likely that he can do it in one year, but he’s already run for 1,749 yards in only two years and needs 1,650 more – almost doable in a 13-game season – to break the school’s all-time record. As long as he gets a decent share of his carries, and the offensive line doesn’t tank, he could do just that.

3. A battle in Northwestern. That’s right, Illinois originally looked like the trap game of the year, but for the amount of exposure that match-up is getting it doesn’t look like that game is going to fall off the radar. The trip to fight the Wildcats however looks more and more interesting as we go. The Wildcats could very well be 7-1 when the Lions come to town, a place the Nittany Lions always seem to struggle with. Northwestern isn’t a team to write off, they had a great season last year and are looking to improve.

4.130 Decibels. The gauntlet has been thrown, after Pryor said the student section here in Happy Valley wasn’t that loud the students have rallied. Regardless of when/what the OSU-Penn State game means, one thing is for sure, it’ll be loud. The loudest it has been is around 120-125 decibels, so some people are trying to hit the big 130.

5. In the wild card category–will the new ticketing system go well? No more paper student tickets. With everything going digital it could be a very good thing, or a very painful thing come Saturday morning.  

~ by blj1887 on August 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “5 Things to watch for this season”

  1. Congrats on getting over 20,000 views so soon man. I really am interested to see how all of these things to look for play out as well.

  2. I want to see a post congratulating yourself when you hit 22,000. That’s the real milestone!

    Seriously, keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks guys. It has been lots of fun. With all the BIG Penn State blogs out there it has been neat finding my nitch.Thanks for reading!

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