Lions tied for 9th in the AP Poll


Ok so we’re just a few days away from the start of college football so that means its time to get out the old polling system again. For the most part the Top 25 for both the AP and the USA Today poll make sense (why a newspaper that amounts to a picture book for grownups gets to host a poll is beyond me) Florida is #1 as they should be, and the usual suspects like Texas, OU, USC and Bama finish up the Top 5. After that things get sort of tricky. Ohio State is ranked #6 in both polls. Normally I don’t really pay much mind to the early rankings. By the time week 4-5 comes around everybody has a few wins under their belts and conference play gets started, but In this case, I need to object. (Real quick before getting side tracked, let us attend to the title or this article. Penn State is ranked 9th tied Oklahoma State, here is the whole poll)

Sure Ohio State isn’t my favorite team, but are they really the 6th best team in the nation? In all honesty it’s really rather easy to see how the Buckeyes could end up finishing 3rd or 4th in the Big Ten this year; A conference that’s already being written off for producing National Title contender before anybody plays a single play. For as talented as  Terrelle Pryor is, he can’t do everything for the Buckeyes, and frankly, he hasn’t been able to do just what he needs to do yet. Its true that Ohio State often reloads in positions, but when it comes down to it they aren’t in a much better place than Penn State is, in regards to depth charts. Ohio State lost 2 key defensive players to the NFL, has lost a few more to injury. Is replacing a solid receiving core, with smallish unproven players. The running backs are pretty much unheard of outside of the Big Ten, and the quarterback hasn’t played very many games that he was the one who was going to carry the load. In short, Pryor doesn’t have a great supporting cast around him.

Penn State on the other hand has an All Big Ten Quarterback, the leading rusher in the Big Ten (and maybe the most underrated tandem in the nation.) A solid defense that adds and All American to it, and a team that is confident in itself. Confidence can go along way, all USC needs to do is spank Ohio State around a little bit and Mr Pryor might feel the weight of an entire fan base and team on his shoulders. That’s what it boils down to, the 6th ranked team in the nation shouldn’t really be relying on 1 single player. Sure Tebow goes down, Florida is in trouble, McCoy goes down Texas doesn’t win, but none of those Top 5 teams win solely because of one player. They win because the team is good.

Sure I might be wrong, Terrelle Pryor and the Buckeyes might be amazing, but they could also be way overrated. They ended last season ranked 9th and 11th. They were a talented BCS team. They lost a good portion of all of their players and their ranking goes up (3,6) places. That’s odd, but what would college football be without some controversy?  Speaking of which, Robert Griffin gets today’s shout out-This is from the Robert Griffen>Terrelle Pryor facebook group

Robert Griffin > Terrelle Pryor

Robert Griffin had a total of 28 TDs (15 passing, 13 rushing).
Terrelle Pryor had a total of 18 TDs (12 passing, 6 rushing) 10 less than Griffin.
Robert Griffin threw 3 interceptions in 267 pass attempts.
Terrelle Pryor threw 4 interceptions in 152 pass attempts, so Robert Griffin threw 1 less interception in 115 more attempts.
Robert Griffin had 846 more passing yards on just 65 more completions and 115 more attempts than Pryor.
Robert Griffin had 290 more rushing yards on only 49 more carries than Pryor (that’s a 5.9 yard per carry average). Not to mention Griffin still averaged .4 more yards per carry, on more attempts, than Pryor did.

~ by blj1887 on August 22, 2009.

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