5 Questions With…Andrew Quarless

So I’m on vacation, checking my facebook and what do I see? A message from Andrew Quarless looking at me…ok…so I just said that, either way I wanted to get this out to you really quick before I make the trip the rest of the way up to Maine where there is no Internet..at least where I will be.

Andrew doesn’t really need an introduction, everybody knows who he is so lets get down to the interview:

1. How are the first few practices going? Freshman stepping up ok?:

The first practices have been going very good. Both the offense and defense have been looking very productive. The freshman are looking real good and the all around contact on the field is excellent.

2. What do you see your role as this year? What are your personal goals?

My role this year is to be a leader on and off the field. As for personal goals I want to be the best in the country at my position and to make an impact on the offense any way I can

3. What do you like to do to relax?

To relax I like to chill in my room listen to music, mostly gospel and RnB

4. What should we expect out of the team this year?

Everyone should expect nothing but the best from this years team. We wont settle for nothing less then a national championship and that is what we are working for since January 2nd

5.What away game is going to be the toughest?

I would not say any game is going to be tougher than another because we can never overlook any team. We are going to take it week by week.


So there it is, short and sweet. I’ve got to go back up to the hotel room now, just played some hoops on a sweet court they have here that lights up at night. Since I’m in Albany for the night I did my best job playing like Talor Battle, but I didn’t quite live up to the hype…oh well.

Catch you guys when I get back if you want more “5 Questions With” click here

~ by blj1887 on August 14, 2009.

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