Penn State Football Preview Part 6–Linebackers and Secondary


Ok so I forgot about Part 6…don’t tell Sean Lee. But honestly talking about the Linebacking core is really just going through the motions. Take a solid unit that scared the hell out of everybody…and then add an All American who wants to play two seasons in one. What do you get? You get me being really glad that I’m a Penn State fan. Sure, they…well no…I can’t think of anything negative to say about them. They’re one of the best units in the nation, and are going to be a huge part of how well this season goes. The more impact the Linebackers have on the game, the better the Lions chances will be. Its been reported that the Lions are playing an 11-0…at least early on. That’s right..11 guys in the box, and a prayer playing in the Secondary. But Tom Bradley is the man, so if somebody was going to make that work it would be him. So we stay consistent…heres the depth chart-

Icon  45 Sean Lee | 6-2, 236, Sr., 3V
 42 Michael Mauti | 6-2, 224, So., 1V
 15 Bani Gbadyu | 6-1, 228, Sr., 2V
Icon  11 Navorro Bowman | 6-1, 230, Sr., 2V
 34 Nate Stupar | 6-1, 226, Jr., 1V
 88 Jon Ditto | 6-3, 228, Jr., 1V
 33 Mike Yancich | 6-2, 229, So., HS
Icon  43 Josh Hull | 6-3, 236, Sr., 3V
 48 Chris Colasanti | 6-2, 235, Jr., 2V
 31 Mike Zordich | 6-1, 229, So., HS


I think if I had to pick one player to watch this year it would be Nate Stupar. Its true, I founded Stups Squad…so maybe I’m a little bias. But he had 3 blocked punts and was inches away from a few more. He’s got talent and speed and has made great blocks  (watch replay)on special teams….but a stacked crew playing in front of him. If Stupar gets into the rotation he could make a nice addition to an already talented group.

Ok…so we’ve got the fun stuff out of the way. Now on to the Secondary. Sigh…well, there isn’t any reason to think that the group can’t get the job done. I mean, many of them have played in games, they’ve all played football, and we wanted them bad enough once that we recruited them. So even though they’re all fresh to starting, there isn’t a reason to expect them to forget which team is theirs and go after the wrong player. Assuming AJ Wallace decides going to class is important, he should be the leader of the group. Drew Astorino is talented and always plays bigger than he is. Timmons is fast and can cover field, so that’s three solid players there. Cedric Jeffries is unproven…but hey everybody else is getting the benefit of the doubt so I’ll give it to him too.

Icon    1 A.J. Wallace | 6-1, 201, Sr., 3V
 20 Devin Fentress | 5-10, 169, Sr., 3V
 16 S. McCullough | 6-0, 193, Sr., 2V
Icon    4 Knowledge Timmons | 5-10, 187, Sr., 3V
   8 D’Anton Lynn | 6-1, 198, So., 1V
Icon    7 Cedric Jeffries | 6-2, 203, Sr., 2V
 13 Andrew Dailey | 6-2, 221, Jr., 1V
 10 Nick Sukay | 6-1, 208, Jr., HS
Icon  28 Drew Astorino | 5-10, 193, Jr., 1V
   6 Gerald Hodges | 6-2, 223, Fr., HS

But really, the Secondary is going to need to gel quickly for the Lions to play well and win games. They will have a better test against Akron than people think given the fact that team does nothing but pass. Im not predicting a loss, but it’ll be a better gauge on the unit than people realize. Hopefully they wont realize it though. Illinois is really the only team in the Big Ten that can burn you deep, maybe MSU as well. So if they can keep the Wideouts in front of them, they should be good enough. It’ll be a big help if they let the corners play up on the receivers rather than give them a ten yard gap like they did in the Rose Bowl. It could also help to triple team Arrlious Benn.

On one final note…Sean Lee is healthy

~ by blj1887 on August 3, 2009.

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