The best of Jay Pa

So nothing is really going on, Joe is talking to the school about players grades, AJ Wallace is skipping classes, and Abe is having…personal issues…but other than that its been pretty slow. So in light of that we’re gonna lighten it up by looking at some of the best Tweets by Jay Paterno.

JayPaterno:Penn State Football Letterman’s Golf Outing Today-will post pics. I am not playing–banned by the grounds crew for excessive divot making.

JayPaterno:100+ guys playing in the Penn State Football Letterman’s Golf Outing Tomorrow. May be the worst display of golf in PSU course history.

JayPaterno:ESPN College Football Live just debated whether Daryll Clark is too big to play QB—now I know they’ve got nothing left to talk about.

JayPaterno:I’ll be on “The Herd” tomorrow at 12:40 pimping the PSU V Foundation Auction Package:

JayPaterno: – My donation to the Red Cross….1 pint of Paterno’s best.

JayPaterno:@BFeldmanESPN Daryll Clark too big? If you think he’s sculpted you should see his QB Coach.

So its safe to say that Jay has some time on his hands, but hey atleast he is being funny….on an informational note:

JayPaterno: Our playbook is pretty big. There are 100+ pages of passes & 20+ pages of screens and trick plays in the sections I’m finishing.


~ by blj1887 on August 1, 2009.

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