Penn State Football Preview Part 5—Defensive Line

(Scared? Terrelle Pryor is)

Defensive Lines can strike fear into an opposing team, its safe to say that over the years Penn State’s Defensive line has done just that. This season looks to be no different. After the loss of Aaron Maybin to the NFl the squad has lost some of its speed, but looks to gain it back with the addition of players like Jack Crawford. Before we get to the details lets look at the depth chart.

Icon  81 Jack Crawford | 6-5, 262, So., 1V
 59 Pete Massaro | 6-4, 247, So., RS
 94 Mikel Berry | 6-2, 260, So., RS
Icon  44 Kevion Latham | 6-2, 248, Jr., 1V
 56 Eric Latimore | 6-6, 264, Jr., 1V
 51 Johnathan Stewart | 6-2, 247, Jr., 1V
Icon  91 Jared Odrick | 6-5, 306, Sr., 3V
 71 Devon Still | 6-5, 305, Jr., 1V
 99 Brandon Ware | 6-3, 347, So., RS
Icon  85 Ollie Ogbu | 6-1, 292, Sr., 2V
 95 Abe Koroma | 6-3, 317, Sr., 2V
 92 Chima Okoli | 6-4, 293, Jr., 1V
 55 Tom McEowen | 6-4, 296, Sr., 2V

All in all this squad should continue to outplay most offensive lines they face, but the sucess of this group will be very important when it come to the development of the younger secondary. The faster that the line can get to the quarterback the less time the quarterback will have to throw and less the secondary will have to do. Ok so thats pretty much football 101, but its going to be really important this year to get to the quarterback.

When it comes to the loss of players like Aaron Maybin and Maurice Evans, nobody covers the issue better than Larry Johnson did in a interview.

Those are two great players that made decisions — and we wish them well. They’re going to be fine players. But I’m one of those guys, to be honest with you, the more you take the more you build. We have some young players that are going to step up and go to work. Aaron and Maurice were once unknown players that nobody knew about and there will be two other guys that come along that continue that. I don’t worry about that.””

Johnson really shows how he makes his money with that comment, Penn State isn’t rebuilding the Defensive Line, they’re reloading it. Not a lot of players have gotten hyped up over the offseason like Jack Crawford has. Lots of positive news has been coming out of camp about him and it looks like he could be a big time player. Learning the ropes around Ollie Ogbu and Jared Odrick should help him turn into the player that people expect him to be. Depth on the line is a huge help to, should allow everybody rest up when its needed.


Not all of these Defensive rankings are related to the Defensive line, but are all worth noting. 

Defensive Averages:

Overall Yds
Passing Yds
Rushing Yds

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