Penn State Football Preview Part 4—Quarterbacks

A Quarterback–the face of your football team. Thousands of hopes rest on the arm and mind of a single person, each throw and play looked over millions of times. When it come to quarterbacks, Daryll Clark is one of the best in the nation. With a deep threat arm, and rushing skills like a runningback, Clark is the perfect person to drive the team towards repeating as Big Ten Champions.

When it comes to Clark’s stats, its pretty funny to read over. I can’t imagine what a graph would look like when you chart his passing yards over the past three years. Lets put it this way-in 06 and 07 he threw for 147 yards…in 2008 Clark threw for that many yards against Coastal Carolina in only 11 passes…well he threw for an slightly ironic 146 yards, but you get the point.

2008 STAT
TDs Rating Passing Yards Carries Rushing Yards
39 143.4 2592 79 282

“Team Pct” is the player’s stat as a percentage of the team total.

Stat Value Team Pct Nat’l Rank Conf Rank
Passing Att. 321 83.8 67 6
Completions 192 85.7 61 5
Passing Yds 2592 82.0 46 3
Passing TDs 19 79.1 38 2
Sacked 11 84.6 91 9
INTs 6 100.0 87 9
Carries 79 15.4 222 22
Rushing Yards 282 10.5 225 20
Rushing TDs 10 27.7 52 6


All in all Clark should be lined up for another good season. His health is the most important aspect of maybe the entire team. This team goes as Clark goes. With that in mind his ablility to be a running threat without throwing his body around is going to be really important. Thats not to suggest that he shouldn’t use his legs, but it will be important for him to understand when to go for 2-3 more yards, and when to step out of bounds.

As far as depth its pretty much Clark, and the Kevin Newsome. Newsome is a good passer with good legs, hopefuly that’ll be all we have to say about him til next year, but ay gametime he’ll get in the first 3 games will be vital for him. I’d look for his entrance maybe as early as the start of the 2nd half depending on how the games are going. If that  happens he could get almost 1.5 games under his belt. Matt McGloin made some nice passes in the Blue White game, so he might get some playing time as well.

Icon  17 Daryll Clark | 6-2, 233, Sr., 3V
 12 Kevin Newsome | 6-2, 225, Fr., HS
 11 Matt McGloin | 6-1, 196, So., RS
 16 Shane McGregor | 6-1, 216, So., RS

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