A break from football to just enjoy this picture.


Basketball–for a very long time it hasnt really been in the minds of Penn Staters outside of a few hundred or so people like myself who go to every game. And unless you’ve lived in a huge hole recently, you couldnt have missed this past season. To me, this picture is what Penn State is about, it’s about being more than a team, it’s about being a fellowship. Sure, you might say we only won the NIT, but WE won it.

Everybody who went to games, from the huge Iowa comeback, to the last second shots that will never be forgotten. The team puts points on the board, but the fans make the team play harder, better, and with more emotion. Even Talor Battle himself said many times that the fans were a huge part of comeback wins and playing harder. Thats why you can’t allow any bumps in the road, upsetting losses or negative events keep you from the Jordan Center this year. We’ve become part of the program, and as fans, we owe it to the team to show up.

Maybe the nation isn’t going to say we’re a basketball school just yet, and in some respects we aren’t; but if we continue to support the team in the way that only Penn Staters can, the critics and the doubters will have no choice but to jump on board. The program is at a tipping point, great recruits, a solid slate of games, and a National Title hanging from the ceiling. So we have a choice, let the people who say Penn State isn’t a basketball school be right, or show them what it means to be a Penn State fan. Maybe they can write the title off as unimportant, or ranking us 65th best (which btw isn’t where we would be ranked), but what that picture is, what we created in a single photo can never ever be taken away. We are, and will always be, Penn State. This program has a craving for consistency and we’re so very close, all of us, so make your choice Penn State…I’ll see you court side. The trip starts tomorrow..

We are NOT normal
– Deon Butler


~ by blj1887 on July 13, 2009.

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