Penn State Football Preview Part 2–Offensive Line

The Offensive line is maybe one of the most important aspects of a team. A good offensive line gives the quarterback time to throw, and makes running the ball a possibility. With the loss of three All-Big Ten starters the Lions seem to have their work cut out for them. Heres a quick overview of the Offensive Line depth chart:

Icon  61 Stefen Wisniewski | 6-3, 302, Jr., 2V
 67 Quinn Barham | 6-3, 288, Jr., 1V
 53 Ty Howle | 6-0, 284, Fr., HS
Icon  54 Matt Stankiewitch | 6-3, 290, So., RS
 74 Johnnie Troutman | 6-4, 322, Jr., 1V
 70 A. Tortorelli | 6-0, 271, Jr., 1V
Icon  77 Lou Eliades | 6-4, 305, Sr., 2V
 60 James Terry | 6-3, 319, So., RS
 66 Ethan Hull | 6-0, 282, So., RS
Icon  73 Dennis Landolt | 6-4, 303, Sr., 3V
 79 Ako Poti | 6-3, 305, Sr., 3V
 78 Mike Farrell | 6-6, 292, So., RS
Icon  75 DeOn’tae Pannell | 6-5, 313, So., 1V
 72 Nerraw McCormack | 6-5, 295, Sr., 3V
 70 Andrew Radakovich | 6-5, 296, So., RS


The line will undoubtedly find its leadership from Guard, and now Center Stepfen Wisniewski, and three year starter RT Dennis Landolt . Senior Nerraw McCormack has been slowed by a knee injury which makes DeOn’tae Pannell the most likely candidate to fill the hole that Cadogan left after going to the NFL. Really the two largest holes are the Guard positions, mainly the Left Guard, and Clark’s blind side. Matt Stankiewitch will have to learn the ropes quickly as a freshman, but since he’s starting over the athletic Johnnie Troutman there is room for a possible two Guards rotation. If the offensive line can develop quickly, that will go far for a squad that needs to mature in time for the Big Ten season, that’ll make the first 4-5 games of the season very important for them. This is the unit that needs to grow the most. Second maybe to the secondary, but the Offensive lines progress will be very important to the teams sucess.

So far the reports out of spring practice are that the defensive line has been man-handling everyone on the inexperienced offensive line. This means that unless you’re Wisniewski or Landolt, no first-team spots have been given out yet. Last season, Pannell was hailed as a beast on the line, but now word from spring practice is that he’s being pushed by senior Nerraw McCormack for first-team at left tackle. Sophomore Johnnie Troutman will push Stankiewitch for first team at left guard as well


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