A note on Lance Stephenson


Lance Stephenson–Honestly he is one and done, we all know it, and lots of colleges did too. He’ll go play at Cincinnati now that he’s commited, and he’ll go off to the NBA. But what happens when one of Penn States biggest recruits plays one of Cincinnati’s biggest recruits? Penn State wins–

Buie  18 points

Stephenson 15 points

So you might be saying this: “Stephenson scored 15, thats solid, and at the very least its only 3 away from Buie’s total, so why do I care?” But heres the catch, Stephenson averages 31.93 points a game, and 12 rebounds. Everytime Buie played and guarded Stephenson, he played better. Sure Buie lost the game but he won the..(irony inserted here) battle. Even though Stephenson may be “Born Ready” http://www.bornready.tv/ Taran Buie outscored him, outshot him and outplayed him in March ’08 Federation Games.

Sean Kilpatrick is also a freshman at Cincy, so will be playing with Stephenson.  He was originally an ’08, but had to prep at White Plains HS, NY.  WP played Maginn in Dec ’07, Maginn won that game, convincingly, so Taran Buie played vs. him also, outscoring him as well.  So, it is very possible that the two starting guards for an ’09/10 Big East team were outplayed by Taran. 

In the end, there isn’t a whole lot you can truly take away from this, but it is an interesting look into the player that will be coming to play in Happy Valley with Battle and Co.

Heres the full story


**credit to kidcoyote on pennstatehoops.com for the find on alot of the info in this piece**

~ by blj1887 on July 2, 2009.

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