Scalping student tickets taken out of the equation


An interesting piece in the Collegian today pointed out that student season ticket holders make up a good portion of the ticket scalpers at Penn State. Apparently the new usage of the card-swip system has cut back the number of tickets for sale on ebay as well as across the web.”

A search Monday for “Penn State student football tickets” on eBay yielded one result, a $1,249.99 offer for season seats. Of course, a look the same seller’s “Items for Sale” shows that he or she seems to make a living by trading coupons for soft drinks online”

Greg Myford has also estimated 10 percent of ticket buyers in 2008 scalped their allotment. That comes out to about 2,200 people who made a killing and 2,200 who were left out of the sport they loved. Thats alot of people, but its also a sign that some of our “Die Hard” friends, just bought tickets to sell them for a buck, can you blame them? No, not really, we’re all poor and if you had to choose between selling a ticket for 200 bucks and watching the noon kickoff from your couch, or getting up and going over early to get a good seat….many students would choose the former.

Hopefuly that means that more of the noon games will fill up a little faster. If you assume that more of the “true” fans have bought tickets, they’ll be more inclined to get there for the whole game. Is it a reasonable expectation to think it’ll fill every game before kickoff? No, people never seem to be in a hurry to get to noon kickoffs. But I wouldn’t be suprised if it filled slightly faster. I hope it does.

The article continues on talking about the face of the Penn State student fan being changed, but I doubt that Penn State is the only student body that sells tickets for a profit. It may not make it right, but it should keep Penn State from standing out. And in the end the people in the stands are the ones who want to go to the game. You can’t scalp the ticket and then go to the game, so the student sections reputation, atleast in my eyes, is still intact. So for the 2,200 of you who really should be there over the scalpers….welcome to the party.


**note**—everybody has things that come up, people have weddings, deaths, family trips, things that make sense to sell your ticket to the game. The point of this article is not against those sorts of people, its the people who buy season tickets with the sole purpose of selling all of them for well over face-value.

~ by blj1887 on July 1, 2009.

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  1. Perfect!

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