One on One with the President of Paternoville


You might be suprised to hear that Paternoville has a government, and even more suprised to hear that Paternoville has a President, Vice President, Treasurer,Secretary, PR man, a Webmaster, and its own Football League. This past season Tom Boroch, the second president of Paternoville decided not to run for a third term. Tom worked long hours, went to many meetings, and turned much of what used to be a small gathering of tents into what has become a symbol of College Football. As you might imagine, Tom has left rather large shoes to fill. Have no fear my friends, after the recent PCC elections the Nittany Lion faithful elected Alex Cohen as the 3rd offical President of Paternoville. I got a chance to catch up with Alex and see what he was all about, what to expect this coming season, and what is on his mind.


22+. What are your goals for your first year as President of Paternoville?

AC.One of the first goals I have for this season is to address any concerns or questions a camper may have. My administration and I have been working to improve the ways students get information about Paternoville. Our web site is going through a full make over with the help of our webmaster Chris Grassi. We have established a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter and I strongly urge every student who thinks they may do Paternoville to subscribe to these services. Other issues that have been raised will be addressed in our meeting with the Athletic Department next week and I plan on putting out a summary of that meeting on our network pages and site.


22+.What home game are you most looking forward to this year?

look forward to every home game but this year two stand out in my mind. First, the revenge-game against Iowa under the lights in the White House Sept. 26th. Nothing compares to a Beaver Stadium White House and the sour taste that everyone still has from last years upset in Iowa City will make for quite the crowd. Second, and who wouldn’t be excited about this game, Penn State’s match up with Ohio State in November. That game will most likely be for the conference and could very well be for much more. My only hope (besides a win) is that the Gameday guys from ESPN show up for the beat down. And don’t even get me started on Pryor’s first game in the Beav as a Buckeye.

22+. Should we expect any changes to the Paternoville system this year or is it going to be more or less the same?

Every year we try and change Paternoville for the better. This year is no exception. With the new ID-System being put in place, this will most likely change certain things about Paternoville. At this time, the Athletic Department and I have not met on what needs to be done to make sure Paternovillers still get the seats they want, but we have a bunch of ideas on how things can work. I’m looking to bring new amenities to Paternoville but don’t want to reveal any until Athletics approves. Besides that, Paternoville will still be the great tent-city it always has been.

22+.Paternoville or K-Ville?
Do you really need me to answer that question? I only wish there was a way for Paternoville and K-Ville to come together so we could learn some stuff from each other. I’m sure we each have things that the other hasn’t thought about implementing. However if war ever broke out, I am confident that Paternoville would come out on top.

22+.Outside of Penn State and Ohio State, who do you see with the outside shot to win the Big Ten this year?

The Big Ten is a strong conference and although we haven’t performed as well as we would like to during Bowl Season, I would like to see other teams compete in this conference week after week to see just what a tough grind it is to make it to Bowl Season. If I had to pick a sleeper, it’d be Iowa. Even though Shonn Green didn’t return, that offense still has an experienced QB returning and three offensive line starters returning to protect him. It should be a very competitive season in the Big Ten, and if not Penn State, I hope someone makes it to Pasadena to bring the National Championship back to this conference.


This season looks to be another strong one for the Nittany Lions, with 8 home games and with pretty decent road games, the Lions are looking to be a part of the mix when it comes to BCS Bowls and the Big Ten title. Every game is important so make sure you’re there early, even for those 3 noon kickoffs. The team has to be there, so you should be too. Students interested in taking part of the Paternoville tradition should check out the links within this peice.

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  2. Does anyone have a photo of the paternoville sign that I could use in my Penn State trivia book?

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