Following Talor Battle at the Men’s World University Games

The USA has played 3 games so far, all exibition and this is how its gone for our man Talor Battle and the rest of Team USA.So far Talor has had a pretty good showing but his playing time has been limited, that more than likely has to do with the team finding its stride.

**A note worth adding, Corey Fisher, who starts ahead of Talor is seeing alot of playing time. So even though the numbers seem low for our Happy Valley star, he is playing..ok..he’ll need to work the rust off, but Im sure he’ll be good to go once the real games begin**

                 2009 Serbia International Invitational Schedule & Results

Team W-L
Serbia 2-0
USA 2-1
Russia 1-2
Canada 0-2

USA 85, Canada 81Story Stats Quotes Photos

Talor had–5 points 3 assists

Serbia 98, USA 82 Story Stats Quotes Photos

Talor had 10 points 4 rebounds

USA 67, Russia 63 Story Stats Quotes

Talor had 5 points 2 assists 2 steals


Im not going to post the full lineup of games but all the info on here can been seen at the following link:

Here however is the basic round robin lineup.

2009 Men’s World University Games Schedule
Belgrade, Serbia · July 2 – 12, 2009

Preliminary Round Groups
Group A W-L Group B W-L Group C W-L Group D W-L
Serbia 1-0 Lithuania 1-0 Canada 1-0 Ukraine 1-0
Australia 0-0 Romania 1-0 China 0-1 Bulgaria 0-0
Greece 0-1 Mexico 0-1 Italy 0-0 Japan 0-1
    UAE 0-1        
Group E W-L Group F W-L Group G W-L Group H W-L
Turkey 1-0 Israel 1-0 Latvia 1-0 Finland 1-0
Iran 0-0 Russia 1-0 Germany 0-1 USA 0-0
Portugal 0-1 Brazil 0-1 South Africa 0-1 South Korea 0-1
    Gabon 0-1    




Finally on a side note, the team has only 19 assists over 3 games, if they’re going to beat these teams its going to take more passing of the ball than that.

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