A quick Penn State Basketball history lesson

As this past year finished up I was suprised by the number of people who didn’t know about the Lions past in NCAA Tournament. So I figured since we’ve got time, lets look back on the Lions history in some quick easy read graphics.

Tournament History
Tournament Appearances: 8
Final Fours: 1
Championships: 0
Win-Loss: 9-10  

Penn State Tournament Bests
Points 82 2001 North Carolina 25 1954 Jesse Arnelle
FG 31 2001 North Carolina 10 1942 Lawrence Gent
FG% .500 1991 UCLA .833 1991 Monroe Brown
FT 23 1954 Notre Dame 9 1954 Jack Sherry
FT% .867 2001 North Carolina 1.000 1954 Jesse Arnelle
3PT FG 13 2001 Temple 5 1996 Pete Lisicky
3PT FG% .500 1991 Eastern Michigan .750 2001 Brandon Watkins
Assists 20 1996
10 1991 Monroe Brown
Rebounds 61 1955 Memphis 22 1955 Jesse Arnelle
Season By Season Results
2001 2-1 Defeated Providence in first round, 69-59
Defeated North Carolina in second round, 82-74
Lost to Temple in regional semifinal, 84-72
1996 0-1 Lost to Arkansas in first round, 86-80
1991 1-1 Defeated UCLA in first round, 74-69
Lost to Eastern Michigan in second round, 71-68
1965 0-1 Lost to Princeton in second round, 60-58
1955 1-2 Defeated Memphis in first round, 59-55
Lost to Iowa in second round, 82-53
Lost to Kentucky in third place game, 84-59
1954 4-1 Defeated Toledo in first round, 62-50
Defeated LSU in second round, 78-70
Defeated Notre Dame in regional semifinal, 71-63
Lost to La Salle in regional final, 69-54
Defeated USC in third place game, 70-61
1952 0-2 Lost to Kentucky in second round, 82-54
Lost to North Carolina State in third place game, 69-60
1942 1-1 Lost to Dartmouth in regional semifinal, 44-39
Defeated Illinois in third place game, 41-34
So all in all, its not the deepest of NCAA traditions, but it is one that boasts a fairly interesting set of stories. Thats not even counting the NIT. The Lions have actually done fairly well in the NIT.. boasting a 22-9 record.1966, 1980, 1989, 1990 (third), 1992, 1995 (third), 1998 (second), 2000 (third), 2006, 2009 (won).
While we’re playing “educate the masses” heres another showing by the Lions every fan should get to see.
Brothers Joe and Jon Crispin combined for 57 points, going 13-for-23 from three-point range, to lift Penn State to a stunning 73-68 win over 22nd-ranked Kentucky. Joe Crispin, a senior, scored 31 and Jon, a sophomore, added 26.  The loss was only the second UK loss in a home opener at Rupp Arena, a span of 25 seasons

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