Taran Buie to play senior season at State High

Penn States highly sought after addition to the 2010 recruiting class will be playing his senior season at State High the CDT reported this morning. What does that mean for Penn Staters? Nothing much really, but it does give you a chance to see him play if you wanted to. He’ll also be able to work with the team, although he can’t practice with them in closed sessions, he’ll still be able to bond and work on getting to know the team he’ll be playing with once he is living on campus.

For those of you who have never heard, know or read about State High basketball, here are some quick hits.


PIAA District 6 Champions: 1977-78, 1990-91, 1994-95, 2001-02, 2004-05, 2008-09
PIAA Elite 8: 1995-96, 2004-05
PIAA Sweet 16: 1976-77, 2001-02
PIAA AAAA State Champions: 2002-03
PIAA AAAA Final Four: 2003-04

Barry Parkhill (’69) is among the All-Time scoring leaders and broke the 1,000 point barrier during his senior year. He went on to star at the University of Virginia, was Player of the Year in the ACC where he scored 1,267 points and was an alternate member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic Team.

Mike Koehler (’70) broke the 1,000 point barrier with 1,090 points and went on to play at the University of Delaware.

Steve Brachbill (’71) broke the 1,000 point barrier in his senior year and completed his State High career with 1,198 points. Steve went on to play at Rutgers University.

Chris Dodds (’78) is the all-time scoring leader at State College with 1,844 points. Chris went on to be a standout player at Davidson University and later at Clemson University.

Jim Solic (’79) averaged over 20 points/game his senior season, and went on to play for Penn State from 1979 to 1982.

Rob Krimmel (’96) scored 1,698 career points (2nd all-time) and led State College to the PIAA Elite 8 in 1996. He is ranked second in career 3-pointers with 164. He went on to play at St. Francis University and is currently on the coaching staff there.

Ken Krimmel (’98) scored 1,202 point in his State College career. He led the state in scoring in his senior year with 24.6 points per game average. Ken continued his basketball career at Penn State where he joined the team as a walk-on, eventually winning a scholarship.

Gabe Norwood (’03) was the 2003 Player of the Year in the Mountain League and co-captain of the 2003-2004 State Championship team. In 2007, Gabe completed his collegiate basketball career at George Mason University and is now playing professionally in the Philippines.

Willie Morse (’04) is the third-ranked scorer in State College history with 1,497 points. He is the State College career leader in assists, three-pointers, and free throw percentage. He is continuing his basketball career at Colgate.

Kevin Kanaskie (’05) was named All-State, All-Conference MVP and two-time All-Conference player. He led State College in points, steals and assists as a 3-year starter. Kevin is continuing his basketball career at Middle Tennessee State University.

Eric Meister (’06) scored 1,407 points during his high school career. He scored 17.5 points per game during his senior season and was named the Most Valuable Player of the Mountain Athletic Conference. Eric is continuing his basketball career at Holy Cross.

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  1. nice piece of info to know…thanks ben!

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