Penguins–Redwings Game 5 Thread

20mins until the puck is dropped in Hockeytown. If you’re near a tv get ready to watch a great hockey game. Whoever wins tonight will gain a 3-2 advantage in the series and will be one win away from one of the most coveted trophies in all of sports. Its going to take all these two teams have to get the last two wins, and in a series that has 2 of the last 3 games in Detroit the hockey gods seem to look kindly on the Wings. Crosby and Co however are looking to change that and prove that the powerhouse in hockey is no longer in Detroit and that they are able to beat one of hockey’s longest standing dynasties. Since we’ve got the time, lets take a look back at the two teams trips to the Finals, and who had a more impressive road to take.


First RoundWon 4-2 against the Flyers. As much as I hated having the team I love lose, this series really should have been better. The Flyers were the only team in the leauge with 6 players with 25 or more goals. When the Flyers played their best hockey, they were one of the best teams in the leauge. However things didn’t click for the black and orange, and Jeff Carter and co couldn’t get it done

Second Round–Won 4-3 against the Capitals. This was one of the best series in recent memory. Two of the best players in the game duking it out in 7 games. Even though game 7 was somewhat of a letdown for everyone involved, it was still a great series to watch

Third RoundWon 4-0 against Carolina. This series would have been better if Boston hadn’t gotten beat in the second round in Game 7.  This series had great momments but the Hurricans couldn’t ever get it together.


First Round–Won 4-0 against the Blue Jackets. When it comes to the first two rounds, there is not a better team in hockey than the Redwings. They took care of what they needed to do and moved on quickly, as expected.

Second Round–Won 4-3 against the Ducks. This series was really overlooked by the media and most people on the East Coast, but even still it was a down to the wire series that could have gone either way. The Wings flexed their muscle and took care of the Ducks in game 7

Third Round-Won 4-1 against the Blackhawks. Frankly the Blackhawks have the coolest logo in all of sports. That wasn’t enough for them to get the job done. Dispite the series being over in 5 games the series was fun to watch and both teams beat up on eachother pretty hard.

The Winner is—-Even though the Wings won their series faster I’ll give the nod to the Penguins, none of the teams they played were easy to beat, not that the West Coast has bad teams, they just dont usually matchup well against the Wings.


Keys for winning-

Wings– Use the home ice, get pucks to the net in traffic, and hit people.

Penguins–Dont get down early, dont do what doesn’t work, and keep hitting.


Almost time for the game: Im loving how the media feels like the Wings have lost the will to live. Im pretty sure that they’ll be ready to play.Usually teams win on home ice, so in some respects the Pens should have won games 3 and 4…now its time for the Wings to hold up their end of the deal. The Pens have to win tonight if they’re going to win the series though. They’ll have a hard time winning a Game 7 in Detroit if it comes down to that.

While we wait…this is what its all about.

And the Puck is dropped!

18.00– Nobody has really taken charge yet, but the Wings are doing a good job moving the puck

16.00–The problem the Wings have is that they sometimes dont go after the puck wen its set up in the defensive zone. It often looks like they are shorthanded when in fact they aren’t. If they can keep the Pens from getting second chances they’ll be in great shape. Hitting has also got to be key in the Wings game plan. So far it has been.

13.00–Frankly 7mins without a timeout is pretty crazy, as far as hitting the Wings have in fact done much better outhitting the Pens 8-3, thats a postive improvment for the Wings. The shots are favoring the Pens 3-2, but it really feels like both teams have shot it more than that, but I suppose it does have to get to the net. Both goalies have made great saves so its billing to be a great game as advertised.

Powerplay Pens–Not positive that it was a real trip, in the sense it was intentional, but it was a trip. The Wings are doing a good job clearing the zone, they MUST do that if they want to win.

10.32–0 shots for the Pens, thats huge for the penatly kill that has been suspect for the Wings in this series. Mike Babcock said that they needed to improve on that if they wanted to be able to keep a lead.

8.00–The Wings are starting to take more control, and MAF keeps making great saves, it could possibly be 4-0 Wings at this point.

**Malkin just got drilled, and as John Madden says, “he’ll feel that one in the morning”

Finally, another timeout, it seems like its been along time since I’ve had a chance to breath, but thats good. Means we’ve got a good game going on…and we do

Coming back, Mike Babcock made a great point…never give up the puck. That seems sorta easy, but you never need to dump it in when you can skate it in.

GOAL–6.30 Dan Cleary 1-0 Wings with a mild garbage goal, but the team did what the coach said…skate it in, dont ever give the puck up.

Dan Cleary

5.30–The crowd is jacked, I frankly wish I could be there. I wouldn’t b suprised if the Wings try and get another goal before the break. The Pens need to be careful not to give one up, a two goal hole is hard to overcome on the road against the Wings….or any team for that matter…and before somebody reminds me…yes yes..I know the Flyers gave up a 3-0 lead..believe me I remember

TIMEOUT–**Shots–Pens 8 Wings 7** Hits Wings 13 Pens 7**

Looks like there is a good Penguins crowd there, but I imagine they will have to yell pretty loud to be heard over the rest of the Joe

Powerplay Detroit–You can’t really run into the goalie and expect to get away with it. Maybe they both hit the goalie….but tis the game..

END OF THE FIRST PERIOD– The Wings got this period but you’ve got to play all 60mins before you can relax. Time to rest up for another exciting period

**Interesting note–Pavel Datsyuk, an important role player for the Wings who has been out since Game 2 against Chicago had an assist on the Cleary goal**

Hits–Pens 10 Wings 15

Shots–8 for both

START OF THE SECOND PERIOD–An important key to the start will be the Pens being able to kill the powerplay

**Side note the US Soccer team is down 1-0 to Hondoras in the 38th min over on ESPN..its pretty cool to see because the game is at Solider Field and its pretty full…some guy just got decked in the box and they didn’t call it…come on guys..**

18.20–GOAL…Flippula with a nice little move that beat MAF ona broken play..2-0 Wings

**US scores on a free kick from Donovan 1-1 in the 43rd Min**

16.00–The Pens are playing on their heels a little bit, but they’ll make another rush if they can keep them from scoring. So far the Wings have had alot of good chances…and one shot off the post

14.22–How you play when you’re down goals is how you find out what you’re made of…Powerplay Wings

GOAL–Kronwall on a nice tic-tac-toe play…3-0 Wings

13.12–Things could go bad really fast for the Pens…elbowing on Malkin..Redwings Powerplay

GOAL–11.40 off the post Rafalski 4-0 Wings

**Shots this period 11-Wings 2-Pens**

**Shots all game 19-Wings 12-Pens**

8.00—The Pens have finally slowed things down and are looking to score, the Wings are playing with fire however so its going to take a good effort for the Pens to get back ino this.

6.10–Redwings go on the Powerplay again off of a roughing penalty…could be the end of the Pens tonight

4.40–GOAL…Zetterberg punches it in and its 5-0 Wings

Fleury gets pulled.…Pens fans will throw him under the bus,but he really has gotten no help tonight, getting on the defensive shorthanded situations doesn’t help, and not playing defense doesn’t help either

Crosby gets a penalty…this is hardly worth blogging…he’s slashing people. I undersand he’s frustrated, but you’ve got to keep your calm….now its a 5-3

47.1–Wings still have time to punch it in again

END OF THE SECOND PERIOD….3 Powerplay goals by the Wings

**HITS**–28 Wings 22 Pens

**SHOTS**– 23 Wings 15 Pens

**US just scored in the 68th min**

START OF THE THIRD PERIOD– The Pens should look to find things that work so they can use them in game 6. This game might be lost, but there is still things to learn. The Wings wont take their foot off the gas.

**Chris Osgood was given an assist**

18.00–Pens go on the Powerplay after Hossa checked the Pens goalie…

16.19–Wings kill the powerplay and are looking to score again. Im not sure I’ve ever seen a 7-0 game..

13.31–Wings are gonna go on the powerplay again, Malkin for hooking. Gotta play with your head on straight if you’re gonna win.

11.22–Looks like the Pens are going to kill this off, but they dont want to lose by 6 or 7

5.30–Wings almost scored again, the Pens are going to need to pull the goalie soon…

While we wait for the game to end…tomorrow I’ll be doing the NBA finals Game 2 so make sure to tune in

4.22–Guess what? Wings are on a powerplay…you can’t throw elbows into peoples heads…

Born in South Detroit….everybody loves Journey

1.52–Almost done…but the crowd keeps singing

Osgood gets the Shutout…Wings in 5-0 go up 3-2 and its a happy night in Hockeytown….see you tomorrow for the NBA Finals

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