Penguins–Redwings Game 5 preview

Hockey–A sport that perhaps many of you have just now started watching. The Stanley Cup playoffs are some of the most exciting playoffs to watch in all of sports. No playoff demands more from your body than trying to win the Cup. The NFL’s playoffs aren’t very long, the NBA isn’t exactly as rough as football or hockey,  so really the NHL is a very unique situation. So far this series has been nothing but great hockey and many storylines to follow. Recently the debate of the Wings health and age has been brought up again, but rest assured come gametime they will be ready to show Hockeytown what they’re made of.

Wings–For the Wings to win Game 5 they will need to do two basic things, be able to kill penatlies, and get pucks in traffic. If they can do that they will be well on their way to being up 3-2 in the series. Many people feel as though the Penguins game 3 and 4 wins showed that the Wings were falling apart, but infact in the NHL playoffs it is expected that you win your home games and in the Penguins case, only have to win one game on the road inorder to advance.

 So in a sense everything is happening like its “supposed” to. Mike Babcock also announced today after the morning skate that he feels that his team will be ready to go and is excited for the return of  Pavel Datsyuk who has been out since Game 2 against the Blackhawks when he injured his foot on a puke while blocking it. His return could be key in the Wings gameplan if they’re going to win the pivotal Game 5.

Penguins–As much as it hurts me to admit, the Penguins are playing great hockey. Malkin is playing some amazing hockey and Crosby is playing better as the series goes on. That does not mean they are without their flaws too. If the Penguins want to win the Cup they must win tonight. Its a 3 game series now and 2 of the games are in Detroit. The Penguins wont win a Game 7 on the road, but if they can pull off the next 2 they’ll have the cup. In order to do that however, its going to take a great defensive and goaltending effort. The Wings are known for responding quickly after goals and have done just that already in this series responding to one Penguin goal 1.30 after the Penguins scored. If they want to win tonight, they’re going to have to keep their foot on the pedel and never let up. Thats going to be tough to do on the road though, even more so against one of the best teams in leauge and in huge game.

Final thought— This should be a great game, both teams really want this win. The Penguins want revenge, and the Wings want to show them that they aren’t as old as everybody thinks. There isn’t anyother sporting event on during it that could be more important to watch, so unless you literally can’t get to a tv, you should be watching this game. Hockey is a great sport, overlooked by lots and lots of people, and unlike the Pens-Caps Game 7, tonight should prove to be a much much better game.

Prediction–Wings in 7 Games, Wings win tonight 3-2, or Pens win 3-1

**Interesting note…in the two games the Wings have won they’ve won 3-1 in the two games the Pens have won, they won 4-2

~ by blj1887 on June 6, 2009.

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